Seven Souls Online Crafting Detailed Guide

Seven Souls Online Crafting Detailed Guide by RasereiAmok

Crafting in Seven Souls is very important for the long run. You will obtain powerful items! Every item crafted has a chance to spawn upgraded “+1 +2” etc… Highest someone seen so far is +7 (But items go up to +10)

A few notes I will mention before you go further!

1.) Crafting is meant for a guild/group effort. If you attempt crafting solo, be prepared for a lot of farming. Killing endless monsters.

2.) Monsters don’t drop items if they are 4+ levels lower than you. Therefore, if you want to solo craft, keep this in mind. Level 1-14 monsters drop Tier 1 crafting materials. Level 15-23 monsters drop Tier 2 craft materials!

3.) If you choose not to craft, this is fine. The game revolves around an economy where you either craft or sell! By selling, you can amass a large quantity of gold to buy any item you want!

**** The following information is for Tier 1 and Tier 2 crafting. I have only gotten to Tier 2 so far solo. Feel free to add to this guide if you got past Tier 2 and the system changes! This is to help new players get into the game! ****

How to get started!

Step 1: Kill monsters! Depending on the type of monster you kill, determines the material they will drop.

Animals drop leather ***Used to create armor***
Tier 1: Flimsy Animal Skin (Auction house price: 2,000-3000 gold each)
Tier 2: Tough Beast Skin (Auction house price: 5,000-8,000 gold each)

Spiritual Creatures drop eyes ***Used to create accessories***
Tier 1: Eye of Purity (Auction house price: 2,500-4,000 gold each)
Tier 2: Eye of Tranquility (Auction house price: 6,000-8,500 gold each)

Humanoid Creatures drop stones ***Used to create weapons***
Tier 1: White Spirit Stone (Auction house price: 2,000-3,500 gold each)
Tier 2: Cinnabar Stone (Auction house price: 4,500-8,000 gold each)

Step 2: Kill monsters! Everything within 4 levels of you will drop items such as weapons and armor. You will not use most of it and it will drop in different qualities (Grey, White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange) In order of rareness.

So what do I do with these junk items?

Start by pressing “U”… This will open up your cube. Here you will find: Combine, Dismantle, and Copy!

Combine: Combining 2 or more items will yield various items. The most important items for crafting being items called “Terre” You can even combine non-armor/weapon items such as junk monsters drop.

For Terre, each Tier has multiple kinds of Terre. Normal Terre (White) and Rare Terre (Green). Later in crafting levels, this might increase to even blue and purple Terre. I’m not sure yet!

Tier 1 Terre: ***Used to craft ALL items. (Weapons, armor, and accessories)***

Crude Terre Gravel: Received by combining 2 or more items in the cube. (Auction house price: 500-2,000 gold each)

Tier 1 Rare Terre ***Used to craft ALL rare items***

Unique Terre Gravel: Received by combining 2 or more items in the cube. (Auction house price: 5,000-20,000 gold each)

Tier 2 Terre:

Simple Terre Pebble: Received by combining 2 or more items in the cube. (Auction house price: 2,000-4,000 gold each)

Tier 2 Rare Terre:

Exceptional Terre Pebble: Received by combining 2 or more items in the cube.

*** The path of Step 1 and Step 2 go up in a similar pattern for Tier 3+ items ***

Step 3: Find an anvil! Near the anvil, there will be a “Crafting Material” merchant! He will sell you all the items you need outside of farming monsters such as frames and terre balancers!

Choose an item: Weapons, armor, and accessories!

For each item you craft from levels 1-10, you will receive 1 crafting level in that item. Past level 10, you need 2 items per level. That is as far as I have gotten solo. It probably keeps going up.

In order to get a skill point, the item your crafting must be within 5 levels of your crafting skill!


Sword Level 1 can get you craft level 1-5
Sword Level 5 can get you craft level 5-10

Perks to crafting:

A.) Every item you craft has a chance to spawn upgraded! The highest seen so far is +7
B.) You can gain set bonuses and get additional skill slot options!
C.) Added bonus while grinding! You may grind monsters for items, but if you are an experienced crafter, you are also getting craft material to gain even more items but it will require hard work and dedication. (Remember, you can always opt to just sell all crafting materials, it will help other crafters)

What is there outside of crafting?

1.) Upgrading (+1 +2 all the way to +10)

How do I upgrade?

Past level 10, items can be dismantled and turned into weapon/armor upgrading stones. (If you are a crafter, you must decide if you want Terre’s for crafting or upgrade stones!)

Once you have a handful of upgrade stones, right click on the stone in accordance to the item you want to upgrade. (Weapon stone for weapons, armor stone for armors)

A menu will appear, in this menu, you can right click the item you want to upgrade and it will appear in this window and it will show the amount of stones you need and the amount of gold it will cost.

Upgrading from +1 all the way to +5 is SAFE! It can fail, but you only lose the stones and gold. Past +5, your item can break! Be warned!

***The item you are upgrading must be in your inventory and not equipped!***

2.) Mining , farming, and fishing! ***** IMPORTANT *****

In order to craft past Tier 1, you will need mining, herbing, and fishing. The catch is that these become expensive. The cheapest tools cost 1,000g for only 20 swings (durability)… They go all the way up to 35,000g! So in order to craft at lower levels, it is important to find items that sell well to make money! (Maybe sell some of your craft material or Terre’s)

Every harvest has a unique color code to it. ***BUG: Currently all items from harvesting say received from mining but that is not the case!***

This is a list of stuff you can harvest UNIQUELY from each SPECIAL NODE type. Meaning, if you harvest from a special mine, special herb, or special fish basket. I’m not sure what there uses are as of right now.

Mining = White
Tier 1: Platinum (Name?)
Tier 2: Opal (Name?)

Fishing = Blue
Tier 1: Trout
Tier 2: ???

Farming = Red
Tier 1: ???
Tier 2: ???

Stuff you get from a normal harvest node! (Match up the colors from above based on what you are harvesting)

Mining(White), Fishing(Blue), Farming(Red)

In order of rareness.

(White, Blue, Red) Shard
(White, Blue, Red) Fragment
(White, Blue, Red) Crystal
(White, Blue, Red) Ore
(White, Blue, Red) Sphere

You will need this stuff for crafting certain items. Remember that it is color coded based on the harvest type! The item name will also be obvious like : Miner’s Axe.

Ending Note:

This gives an overview of basic crafting for lower levels. It might get more complex later by adding new materials or something. This has gotten me to crafting level 15 in every armor, accessory, and one weapon (My own weapon type)

The cube is also a mystery! Some known formulas are shown in the “formula” page inside the cube but there are possibly more “neat” formulas to make certain items. This is a mystery and for anyone brave enough to discover. Keep in mind, if your combine experiment doesn’t work you will lose the items and most likely receive a TERRE.

Crafting is a job in this game but in the long run will be rewarding. I suggest if you don’t play many hours to just become a seller! Take your materials and sell them on the market! Eventually, with enough sellers, the market will have more crafted items on it. In my opinion, selling all your junk armor/weapons to the vender or not even picking them up is a waste. By combining grey/white/green items in your cube can yield TERRE which will net you a lot more gold and help out crafters!

I hope this guide helps you and feel free to add stuff in the comments if I missed anything or if you have information regarding Tier 3+!

Cya in game!

Additional Info by Isomer

When combining armor/weapons/junk items….

I highly suggest combining 2 at a time. Combining more than 2, people say it increases your chances at rares. IT might, but let me tell you something.

I tried combining 9 items about 30 times and received 0 green Terre.

Then I started doing 2 items at a time…. Now I have a stack of 15 exceptional Terre and about 6 unique terre gravel!

Trust me, combine 2 items at a time.

Some might wonder the point of crafting level 1-5 items since you level past them quickly.

Think abstract everyone!

Here is what I think:

Crafting a level 5 set with +3 or above and put it in your bank.

Make a level 5 alt character and he will be able to farm low level crafting mats super fast because he will have a full set of +3 or above equipment!

Toads/Snails (Level 3-4 monsters) drop Eye of Purity
Boars/Wolves (Level 2-5 monsters) drop Flimsy Animal Skin
The female monsters (Forgot the name, Level 4-5) drop White Spirit Stone

If you can farm these monsters at level 5 or 6 really fast, you will make money really fast or you can use the materials to craft.

**** I also suggest using ONE character to craft. You can xfer materials in the bank. ****

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