Seven Souls Online Beginner’s Crafting Guide

Seven Souls Online Beginner’s Crafting Guide by Isomer

So I just started the game, just like a lot of you and I dabbled into crafting to see what it’s like. It’s actually not that hard and very rewarding!

From level 1-7 I did quests and killed a bunch of monsters here and there and gathered up a bunch of materials “white spirit fragment” ….

Another material I received was from combining junk armor/weapons I found off monsters in the cube (Press U).

Combining 2-4 items seem to produce Crude Terre Gravel (This might be based on level of the item and quantity, not sure yet)

Combining 5-9 items seemed to produce Simple Terre Pebble

*** Note on Terre items *** You can ither use them to craft items OR right click them to obtain a random item like a treasure chest. Its up to you.

After I gathered some White Spirit fragments and some Terre’s, I traveled to the crafting merchant near the anvil. (There is one near the starting area and one in the city) The craft vendor sold me a inferior weapon frame which I used to craft a broadsword. Every item I crafted, raised my craft level of that specific item by 1 level! At level 3 I unlocked a new recipe, and at level 5, I unlocked 2 more recipes.

At this point, I was able to craft a unique (green quality) broadsword using more materials.

This guide is to show you my progression from level 1-7 and what I was able to do with crafting. This applies to armor, rings, necklaces, all weapons. Hunt monsters, get materials, combine, and craft. I think its a very fun system! Enjoy.

Another thing I noticed is that I crafted 5 level 1 broadswords and each one had a random + to it which increased strength. I had a +1, +2, +2, +3, and +4 So this means, crafting gains you items you can theoretically find on monsters but adds more power to them.

Focus on items you will equip with crafting. Such as weapon, armor, and accessories.

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