Seven Souls Online Harvest Guide

Seven Souls Online Harvest Guide by Isomer

Mining, Fishing, Herbing….

First off, these are used for a few things.

1.) Crafting
Check out my crafting guide here
Seven Souls Online Crafting Detailed Guide

2.) Cube Recipes
Check out a cube guide: (Not my guide, copy pasted)
Seven Souls Online Cube Combination Guide

3.) Making Gold!
You can make decent money harvesting if you understand the system.

1.) Crafting: First off, harvesting is more complex than what it seems. You can obtain ANY terre in the game with harvesting. No one fully understands the system, which is why this game is so fun sometimes. Although there are times I wish I knew some solid recipes.

2.) Cube Recipes: There are two thing you will want to look for in the cube.

First, look under the formula page in the cube window (Press U, then click formula). There is a recipe for each harvest (Mining, fishing, herbing) for a TERRE GEM. It’ll be called red, blue, or white terre gem. (The color correlates to the type of harvesting) The terre gem contains another harvest tool for which you can harvest even more stuff.

Second, refer to the cube combination guide I linked above. The guide is from Martial Empires (Same as this game but for Europe) and also the names of certain items are changed. I personally don’t fully understand the cube but I know its potential. You can obtain any tier of terre for crafting with cube combinations purely on harvesting. The thing you got to figure out, is what each harvestable item has as a hidden value. This value is calculated into what TIER of item you will receive. For example, the highest tier of harvest is the sphere. If I were to combine let’s say 5 red and blue spheres, that is worth a high value and might yield a high terre. This is pure speculation and might be bogus. The fact of the matter is that there is a hidden formula behind closed doors that can be figured out with testing.

3.) Making Gold: There are items you find from harvesting that sell to the vendor for 1,000-10,000 gold. (Might go higher, according to the cube guide listed above there is an item worth 100,000 to the vendor)

Each harvest is identical and only differs with a different color code and name. Listed below are the names of fishing items and there value to the vendor. Like I said, mining and herbing are the same as fishing, just a different color and item names.

Name / Value in gold to vendor

Blue Shard / 1 Gold
Blue Fragment / 5 Gold
Blue Crystal / 10 Gold
Blue Ore / 50 Gold
Blue Sphere / 150 Gold

Smelt / 100 Gold
Koi / 1,000 Gold
??? / 10,000 Gold
??? / 100,000 Gold


With a bit of research and intelligence, you can become rich through crafting. There are many ways to utilize the market to make a ton of money and a lot of those ways are yet to be discovered. The cube in this game is an economic puzzle. The more you know about it, the more resources you will have (Gold, crafting material, ect…)! This guide, along with the other guides I posted are guidelines to help understand these systems a little bit. While they aren’t exact, they should serve as a push to get you started in the right direction. Enjoy.

For a general example:
I put 5 red shards and 5 blue shards in the cube and I received a Crude Terre Gravel which is a TIER 1 crafting material.

My second experiment, I put 25 red shards and 25 blue shards and I received a Simple Terre Pebble which is a TIER 2 crafting material.

The 1st recipe cost me 10 gold and I can sell that tier 1 terre for 300-1,000 gold on the auction house.

The 2nd recipe cost me 50 gold and I can sell that tier 2 terre for 1,000-1,200 gold on the auction house.

Or I can use them to craft…

What I am getting at is that there area ton of possibilities and its not clear. This game has a lot of depth that I wish they explained to new players.

Back to the above example…. You can get any tier of terre with harvested materials. Shards are worth 1 gold. So what if I combine fragments? The value increases and so does the terre I can get. It’s up to you to experiment but make sure you are making money on your investments.

If you invest 15,000 gold on the special 100 durability harvest tool. Make sure at a minimum you are getting 15,000 back. You can get lucky and receive the items that vendor for 10,000+ gold or you can craft terre and sell them in the auction house.

I suggest using an alternate character to harvest so that your main hero gains rested experience.

For the record:

I combined 20 red shards and 20 blue shards and yielded a Unique Terre Gravel which is a RARE Tier 1 craft material which is worth thousands of gold.

While its not 100% of the time, just letting you know what I find.

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