Seven Souls Online Skills Guide

Seven Souls Online Skills Guide by Nomadix

In Seven Souls Online, there is a plethora of skills that can be trained to either provide assistance to yourself and allies or to decimate your enemies. Skills are split into two major categories: Common and Class specific. Common skills can be learned by anyone while Class specific skills are geared towards the weapons your Class can use.

To begin training, press the V key to open the Skills window.

With the Skills window open, you will see your available Skill Points, which are gained every level. They are used to learn new skills and make existing ones even more powerful.

Now let’s learn your first Class skill! Mouse-over any of the skills to learn more about them. Let’s pick the skill Lightning Rush to learn.

Click on the + button to use a Skill Point to learn the Lightning Rush skill. You will receive a prompt asking to confirm your selection. Click the Yes button and voila! You have now learned the Lightning Rush skill!

Now that you have trained the Lightning Rush skill, you can move it to your Quick Slots. To do this, simply click and drag the skill icon to the Quick Slots. Great! Now add points to different skills and place them into your Quick Slots as well. Remember that you can learn skills for another weapon type but must have that weapon equipped to use the skills. Some of the skills are passive skills as well; their icons just stays in your skill window and you cannot assign these skills on the quick slot bar.

Let’s take a look at the Common skills tab. These skills can be learned by all Classes and include combos, healing spells, buffs and the awe-inspiring Death Blow skill! Make sure to add these skills to your Quick Slots, as they will greatly increase your fighting potential and survivability!

With so many new skills in your Quick Slots, it’s time to battle and perfect your fighting style! You can also move potions, scrolls and other items into the Quick Slots so feel free to test different combinations out.

Once you have arranged your skills the way you would like in your Quick Slots, you may click the Lock icon to prevent accidently removing or overwriting your Quick Slots setup. Click it again to unlock the Quick Slots to move your skills around.

If you have another set of skill combos in mind you can use another set of quick slot bar.

If you wish to reset your skills and begin anew, you may purchase a Skill Reset stone from the Billon Shop.

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