RODE Online Spirit Ranger (Druid) Guide

RODE Online Spirit Ranger (Druid) Guide by Stopi

– good in lone exping or healing in instance
– a lot of HP and middle MP

Lazy Way on 20 lv :

– in socket only middle VIT and no need more then 1/item
– DEF necklace
– VIT rings
– good VIT belt
– blue or green all staff, blue on +1

With this you have about 2k HP na 600 MP in TreeForm

Main Spells :

Basic Reg (Protection of Spirit, from 10 lv)
– casttime : 1 sec
– about 20 MP
– reg 2 sec for 12 sec (about 60/clic, 240 at end = 600 HP )
( the amount on end = your attack + bonuses )
– have a automtic bigger instant heal at the end
– the best from the best

Def Reg (from 17 lv)
– casttime : Instant
– about 30 MP
– reg 3 sec for 21 sec
– slow cooldown
– give a little def
– for boss or chest only

Strong Heal (from 10 lv)
– casttime : 1 sec
– about 30 MP
– healed amount is 200+attack ( so more Dex = bigger Heal )
– good heal with bonuses from profesions skills

Tactic in Exping :

Monster use his special attack always around 2-3 attack
So keep him hit first time, then use Basic Reg
and wait, what special attack he has.. No problem,
you fighting after heal automatickly, so no need anything
more.. Wait on 1 sec to end of reg and use it again..

TAB next monster and all again..

Can be boring after some time, so try keep some other
action beetween exping.. Harvest, Crafting, Instances etc.

Tactic in Instance :

Simple.. Keeping Basic Reg on tank..
If something go bad, shot Strong Heal..
You are mana saver,but if time, just sit and regen..

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