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RaiderZ FAQ by krittycat

1. Why is my mouse missing?

A. The mouse in RaiderZ is used as an aiming device, in a way similar to many PC FPS games. You can even turn on a targeting reticle in your settings. If you need your mouse (say, to switch channels or something), press Ctrl.

2. I’m level (2-10) and have a free skill point. Why can’t I select a skill from another style?

A. You can’t begin to “hybrid” until you have allotted at least 10 skill points into your originally chosen style. After that, you may choose whichever skills you would like from any style you wish. Just be aware of the various weapons limitations involved with certain styles.

3. My gear is all outdated. How do I get new gear? There isn’t any in any of the shops!

A. All gear in RaiderZ is crafted by players. When you are out killing monsters, you will get some drops that say “Armor”, “Weapon”, or “Food” and a level range. Those are what we call “crafting items.” Take those to the appropriate NPC, and craft the item you wish to have. Please note that, while some of these items are tradeable, the Rare drops are not. This means that if you need something like, for example, Kuotes’ Stone Fragments, you will have to go out and collect them yourself.

4. I got a message that my gear needs repair/I have a flashing anvil next to my minimap! What does that mean?

A. When your gear needs repair, it means that the gear is offering none of its original benefits. You need to immediately head to the nearest item dealer and use the Repair option to fix the gear up! Locate item dealers by looking for their moneybag on the minimap!

Note: Not all moneybags are item dealers, which means not all moneybag denoted NPCs have the Repair option.

5. Why doesn’t my chat show up when I type into Field, Party, or Guild?

A. The only way to currently show messages in any of those groupings is to actually type the denotation for the specific chat type in front of each message. The chat commands are as follows:

/g = Guild
/f = Field
/p = Party

There is no whisper in our current Alpha build.

NOTE: Apparently apostrophes cause issues with chats other than General right now. Please keep that in mind when wondering why your chat doesn’t appear.

6. How do I add friends?

A. The friends list is disabled for Alpha, but should be in the start of Closed Beta Testing.

7. How do I start a guild?

A. In uptown Ingen, there is a Guild Manager. Make sure you have 1 Gold Piece (GP), and then go talk to him to start your guild. Please note that guild names must be between 5 and 12 letters long.

8. How do I invite players to my guild?

A. As of right now, only the Leader can invite players. The easiest way to invite is to have people who want to be invite all gather in one place so that the Leader can invite them with as little hassle as possible. The only current way to add is by seeing the player and going into the interaction menu.

9. How do I enchant my gear?

A.In the center of Ingen Square (near the fountain), there is an NPC named Enchantment Administrator. Talk to him to enchant gear. – tomination

10. How many players can I have in my party?

A. The current maximum party members is believed to be 5. (Please submit a correction if this is incorrect.)

11. How many players can I have in my guild?

A. Current maximum guild members is unknown; the most recent count I had from the largest guild was 35.

12. What is the level cap for Alpha?

A. The Alpha level cap is 25, contrary to the 20 we were originally told.


13. How do I unbind items, or can I share items between characters on the same account?
A. There is no unbinding system in the game, but any such system will more than likely destroy the item. Also, there is no account-wide bank, with which to share between characters, at this time.

Any further questions and answers to those questions would be appreciated!

More FAQ by sounga

Alpha Questions

Q: Are the alpha codes distributed yet?
A: Yes. But there are still some out there.

Q: Alpha code gimme!?
A: calm down there are a few ways to get them. 1 during live streams six gives out some but dont ask because she usualy waits till no one is paying atention. register for alpha here 3. check facebook and twitter reguarly for events.

Q: How are alpha codes distributed?
A: From what we have heard they are randomly distributed via email for the most part. But Six has said that she might hold events on twiter,facebook and here on the forums. Also other sites will be given them to hand out one site…-na-alpha-test already has been given some.

Q: If you get into alpha will you be guaranteed a place in closed beta?
A: Yes. Although your char name will not rollover according to a twitter post from six.

Q: How long is alpha going to be?
A: Alpha test is two weeks starting from the 14th to the 28th ( unconfirmed)

Q: When will the servers/download be up.
A: If you have an alpha key they are up.

Q: IP block? for Alpha?
A: No there are not any planed for alpha Six has said this may change for beta and full release

System Questions

Guild Questions.
Q: How do i start a guild?
A: You need 1 Gold piece and head to guild administration in the Ingen (ill fix names soon) Hes over by the Explorer depot. The guild name needs to be longer than five letters.

Q: How do i use guild chat?
A: Type /G into your chat before your message.

Q: Where is the Guild bank?
A: There is a guild chest inside your instanced room inside of the Inn. You and your members can store/ withdraw items.

Q:Who can invite others to join the guild.
A: Currently only Guild masters can invite.

PVP/Party questions

Q:How dose the duel sytem work?
A: To use the duel system go up to a person and press E and under the list you can challeng them to a duel. A duel flag will be put up and until one of the participants is defeted. (not sure if you can surrender)

Q: Where is the pvp area.
A: ( working on this one i know its in mt.. somethingorother and it seems you have to be lvl 20)

Q: How many players per party
A: I haven’t run into this yet im still assuming that its the five that six mentioned before.


Q: How do the skill trees work?
A: At character creation you choose what style you want and i believe your stuck with that skill tree untill level 10 when you can hybrid.

Q:What are Explorer skills?
A: They are your gathering skills you can get them from the explorer depot

Misc system questions

Q: Dyes?
A: You can dye your armor with the help of a particular npc (haven found him yet so i dont know if hes in alpha or not.)

Q:What happens when you die
A: you get a harsh 3 minute debuf that if you die before its up resets back to 3 minutes. Cleric revies get around this.

Q: Multiple channels on one server or one channel ?
A: Multiple channels.

Q: Marriage system?
A: Not planed at the current time.

Q: Banking system?
A: Sort of there is an inn which you can rent a small room in that has a chest.

Q: Wings?
A: No.

Q: Minigames?
A: Planed but not yet implemented.

Q: What are the minimum requirements for pc specs?
A: Dont know this but the recomended are
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
CPU: Intel i3-2 3.3GHz CPU or better
Hard Disk: 16GB of Hard Drive Space
Graphic Display: nVIDIA GeForce GTX560 with 1GB RAM
Sound Drivers: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound chip or onboard audio capability with the latest sound drivers ( This is in debate this may mean what you want to get the max out of the game or a good benchmark for excellent play)

Q: How dose the potion system work?
A: According to a post from Six potions instantly heal you but are on cool down and you can only have 10 in your inventory on the other hand food which is also on a cool down you have to channel uninterrupted ( meaning that you will have a casting bar and if your hit you fail to eat) no word on the limit on this.

General game Questions

Q:Free to play or pay to play?
A: Like PWI and Forsaken world Raiderz will be F2p with a item mall.

Q: Will Boss Monsters be in the field or in Dungeons
A: Both

Q: Will that cool looking mount be cash shop?
A: As far as we know no.

Q: How many characters per acount?
A: Five from what ive heard

Q: Dungeons or open world
A: there are dungeons but there seems to be mainly open world

Q: Whats in the cash shop?
A: all we’ve heard is it will be mostly costumes because as six said ‘ the game requires skill so it would be hard to buy your way into winning’

Q: Poison element monsters !?@?!@!@WTFBBQ?
A: Calm down toxic…. Yes there will be at least one monster in this game with a poison attack now leave poor six alone

Q: Races?
A: Humans only (at least for alpha)

Q: how many mounts in game
A: currently two but 6 types of mount armor

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