RaiderZ Berserker Crit Build Guide

RaiderZ Berserker Crit Build Guide by kawingshek

We focus on agility gems to socket on our plate equipment
including 2h sword with the extra crit added.
We also wear the basteroe ring 2x to gain 2% of crit.

I end up with 16% base crit, with the outrage I will have 26%.
If you dodge an attack with Dodge attack or upward strike
we will gain additional 10% crit which goes up to 36% crit chance.

Weapon: 2h Sword
Armor type: Chain with STR/Agility or Crit
Stats focus: Agility/Critical > Strength > Stamina

Skill combo:

Skill combo video1: Skill combo 1 preview
Skill combo video2: Skill combo 2 preview
Weapon swing 2 animation cancel: Weapon swing cancel

Neutralize > Dodge Attack > Armageddon Crush
Run forward to knocked body
Crush > Vanquish > Bash
Run forward to knocked body
Nocturne > Buffalo Charge

Between the bash and nocturne you probably will need stamina, so use the tranquility and Berserk to gain 50 stamina + outrage buff again.

I didn’t really like upward strike, but it’s a dodge skill so i’d guess it works well in PvE and

Video of me PvP as Berserker(2 hours video).

Got up to 76 kills but on this video it’s 63, too lazy to upload part 2

Tier 1 –

Crush, you only need lv 3 to get the unblockable effect.
Dodge attack, you only need 2 to get the additional buff.
Buffalo charge, level 1 is enough for chasing or running including for combo if you can triple hit.
2h mastery, max it or you won’t be dealing high damage.

Tier 2 –
Neutralize, best mobbing skill out of all, has a wide arc range when used and are good for initiating skill combos. Max it you won’t regret!
Berserk, you just need lv 1 to have this awesome buff.

Tier 3 –
Nocturne, is probably the highest hitting skill but you need the enemy to stand still or you’ll miss. Level 3 was the highest as I could go with this build.
Furious Dash, Works best as a chasing or running away, level 2 will give you immunity to immobilization.
No mercy, max it, as a 2h sword user you want to crit a lot and it will boost up the crit damage.

Tier 4 –
Upward strike, useful for dodging otherwise leave it to lv 1 just to unlock it.
Tranquility, A useful skill if you are out of stamina, however it removes the outrage buff. This skill does not heal.

Tier 5 –

Bash, This skill is a knockback skill which requires outrage to be active. This is useful as Crowd control and it works great for combo.
Armageddon Crush
, Double swing with the sword and it knocks enemy down if it’s been chained with Neutralize > Dodge attack > Armageddon Crush. This isn’t double crush
Rip out Wound, so far the only thing that is noticeable is the bleed effect upon crit. I’ll leave this at lv 1 for the proc chance.

Tier 6 –
Vanquish, this is the “double crush”. This skill works great after crush which makes you hit another ground attack. level 1 is as far as we can go in Closed beta.
Escape, every class should have an “escape” skill and this is it. This also gives you a 2 second dash once it’s used.


Q: Isn’t plate better than chainmail?
A: Chain gives you more Strength if you plan to dps a lot. So Yes! However plate adds more Vitality for survival so it’s optional.

Q: Why chain and not leather for agility?
A: Chain gives more p.def and you will only have 1-2% more crit with the leather with less p.def.

Q: Isn’t it better to just go all str?
A: I rather crit 500-1700 more often than dealing solid damage of 200-300.

Q: What’s your highest crit damage dealt?
A: 2800 on Basteroe (lv20) with level 1 nocturne at lv 25.
Normal mobs, 500 normal crit hit and 1300-1700 with skills.

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