Marvel Avengers Alliance Invisible Woman Information

Marvel Avengers Alliance Invisible Woman Information by BlackwindIsao

Invisible Woman, 15 CP, Infiltrator

Level 1: Stealth, Single Target Ranged Attack. Deals moderate damage and has deadly crits raising the crit damage to ~3 times normal. Low Stamina cost.
Level 2: Buff Self. 3 round cooldown. Invisible woman will dodge any single target attacks aimed at her for two rounds or until she attacks. Invis Woman seems to have a VERY high chance of critting when coming out of this, ESPECIALLY if she dodged something due to the buff. Low stamina cost.
Level 6: Buff Party. 2 round cooldown. Creates a shield across the entire party that has ~15% of each character’s max HP. Useful for setting up heals or squeezing out some time to keep your hero up for that exploit instead of having them die on you. Consumes ~20% of her stamina.
Level 9: Stealth Ranged Attack All. Essentially her L1 attack at the entire opposing party. This has deadly crits on it as well which means coming out of her L2 with it can be extremely deadly. Consumes ~25% of her stamina.

ISO: Attack. Defense. HP.

Team Suggestions: Cyclops (Level 6 gaurantees a crit coupled with Deadly crits = pretty good).

Notes: Raising her attack stat makes her attacks actually do very respectable damage. Needs Defense and/or HP to stick arround for any real length of time without having to rely heavily on her Invis and Force Field.

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