Marvel Avengers Alliance Distress Call Attacks List

Marvel Avengers Alliance Distress Call Attacks List by YuNoLeMeWiN

This is my first time making a tutorial, I’ll try to make it clear, pardon me for any errors.
Distress Calls can only use once in a single match and is Quick Action. When using Tony’s distress call, a random hero will appear and assist you with a skill. When using your ally’s distress call, the agent, or one of his/her hero^ will appear. Below is a list of the heroes and the skills they will use when summoned

Agent: Random equipped gear
Iron Man: Unibeam – 1 hit single target, Deadly Crit
Black Widow: Flying Kick* – 1 hit single target, Remove Buffs
Hawkeye: Arrow Volley – 1 hit AoE
Ms Marvel: Kree Strike – 1 hit single target
Black Cat: Unlucky Strike – 1 hit single target, Unlucky
Captain America: Shield Throw – 1 hit AoE, Lock On
Colossus: Colossal Smash – 1 hit AoE, Slowed
Cyclops: Mega Optic Blast – 1 hit AoE
Daredevil: Manrigikusari – 1 hit single target, Exposed
Dr Strange: Vapor of Valtorr – 1 hit AoE, Dark Void
Hulk: Titanic Hurl – 1 hit AoE, Stun
Human Torch: Flame Stream – 6 hits single target, Burning
Invisible Woman: Force Volley – 1 hit AoE, Deadly Crit
Iron Fist: The Iron Fist – 1 hit single target, Exploit Compo, Deadly Crit
Kitty Pryde: Call Lockheed – 1 hit single target, Burning
Luke Cage: Face Punch – 1 hit single target, Exploit Compo, Deadly Crit
Mr Fantastic: Multistrike* – 1 hit single target, Compo Setup
Nightcrawler: Triple Threat – 3 hits single target, Stealthy, Follow up attacks on Dizzy targets with Ambush
Phoenix: Phoenix Fire – 1 hit AoE, Cleansing Fire, Burning
She-Hulk: Stomp – 1 hit single target, Exploit Stun
Sif: Flying Sword – 1 hit single target, Weaken, Ravaged
Spider-Man: Web Slingshot – 2 hit single target, Exploit Web
Spider-Woman: Venom Blast – 1 hit single target, Biofeedback
Storm: Tornado – 6 hits AoE, Exploit Chill, Charged Attack
Thing: Fault Line – 1 hit AoE, Slowed
Thor: Summon Thunder – 1 hit AoE
War Machine: Minigun Barrage – 6 hits AoE
Wolverine: Brutal Slash – 1 hit single target, Ravaged
Mockingbird: Mocking Blow, 1 hit, Deadly Crit, Paragon Exploiter
Black Panther: Vibranium Dagger – 1 hit single target, Remove Buffs, Short Circuit
Scarlet Witch: Probability Field – Buff Debuff, Creates random buffs on allies and random debuffs on enemies
Emma Frost: Mental Trauma – 8 hits AoE, Migraine
Rogue: Brawl – 2 hits single target, Deadly Crit
Gambit: Royal Flush – 4 hits AoE, Remove Buffs
Magik: Unleash Hell – 1 hit AoE, Bane
Quicksilver: Vortex Lariat – 4 hits AoE, Stun
Deadpool: Random action*
Hercules: Column Down* – 1 hit AoE, Deadly Crit, Catastrophic, Stun

Those with asterisk (*) are skills that I’m not sure with. Feel free to correct my mistakes or give your opinions.
^ – Skills are used regardless of the level of Hero your allies have

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