Marvel Avengers Alliance Inflated Prices Problem

Marvel Avengers Alliance Inflated Prices Problem by jasonred79

Are you one of the 20% of players paying inflated prices to buy items?

I just checked with my friends who play this game. Out of 10 people, 8 are paying the price of 380 silver for healing serum. That’s right, 80% of players are getting these prices! Whereas my account, and maybe 10-20% of other people, have this problem where we are paying 1520 for healing serum.

It’s that easy to check. Click on the STORE tab and check how much your healing serums are. If it’s 380, good for you. You are part of the normal 80-90% of players who have normal prices.
If you are charged 1520, then you are one of the unlucky rare people who has the bad luck to be charged 4x the normal price.

Sending in a support ticket to playdom results in an automated reply telling you that random players were offered special discounts and that explains the different prices.
Don’t believe them.

The NORMAL, UNDISCOUNTED price is 380 silver. If you are paying 1520 silver, you were one of the unlucky individuals who was hit with a “reverse discount”. From what I gathered from asking around, playdom was trying to program in a special discount to 10-20% of the players, where they would get 1/4 cheaper prices. Unfortunatly, due to coding error, what actually happened was these slightly lucky people have become EXTREMELY unlucky and instead get charged 4x higher!

If you are one of these few unlucky people, write in to playdom via the forums and support tickets, or if you live in the USA, call in and explain the situation to them. It will take quite a while before they actually realise they are at fault and this situation is NOT due to some players getting special discounts, but hopefully they will get the message and look into this instead of stonewalling us!

Thanks, and good luck!

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4 Responses

  1. Joanna says:

    Mine's 1520, as was my husband's. He put in a support ticket and it was corrected, though.

  2. Anonymous says:

    mines the same as you guys 1520 :p oh well just learn to use resources wisely it's easy to farm those serums for me

  3. mars says:

    seriously?? my healing serum price is also about that! whewww…. please someone confirm this statement…

  4. The Gooz says:

    HOLY HELL! I just checked and I'm one of the unlucky few I guess…1520 for me for healing serum's…guess I'm not buying THOSE at the store…Do you happen to know if the problem is JUST healing serum or everything in the store?

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