Marvel Avengers Alliance Colossus Information

Marvel Avengers Alliance Colossus Information by BlackwindIsao

Colossus, Bruiser, 25 CP

Cannot be affected by bleed status.

Level 1: Two hit melee. Causes fairly high damage and exposes the target (-25% Defense). Slightly high on the stamina cost.
Level 2: Buff. Colossus will take any non-stealth single target hit directed at anyone else and has a 50% defense increase for one turn. Low Stamina cost. Use this to cover for an a low HP target or to get a scrapper to attack into Colossus (giving him enraged) instead of pounding the hell out of one of your infiltrator buddies.
Level 6: Single hit melee. Exploits Exposed status to cause some extremely high damage or deals relatively high damage on its own. Great synergy with his L1 attack or an agent with a Batstone Minigun.
Level 9: Hit All, Single attack. Causes moderate damage against all targets (I believe this does not hit flyers someone please confirm). Has a high accuracy compared to his L1 and L6 though it consumes roughly 25% of his stamina if left unbuffed.

ISO suggestions: Accuracy. Attack.

Team suggestions: Kitty Pryde, Agent with Batstone Minigun or Chain Blade. Dr. Strange.

Notes: Once Colossus picks up Devistate (level 6) he can deal out tremendous damage to anyone that is in the exposed status. At level 20 an agent with a Batstone minigun and offensive accel can have him dealing 550 to just about anyone on a non critical hit.
Colossus REALLY needs some accuracy. Without it he has roughly a 75% hit rate against standard targets which just wont cut it, especially when dealing with highish evade characters (DD, any infiltrator, even Iron Fist to an extent).

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