Marvel Avengers Alliance Boss Fights Strategy Guide

Marvel Avengers Alliance Boss Fights Strategy Guide by Sorlozer

I want to open up discussions as to the strategy partaining to mini-boss, boss, and epic boss fights we may come across, Their Strengths and weaknesses, and who to take out first. You may wonder why I am posting this if currently you’re just one-shot kill bosses like they’re piece of cake. This discussion is for those who are entering boss fights of 5-star mastery (meaning the boss is really difficult so we might need to divert and finish lieutenant fights first and can’t beat them at the same time unless we spam item usage and such) and premium missions.
For example.

Mission 1-6 Premium. Boss Fights are Avalanche, Ironclad, and Power Armor.
Strengths of the bosses: Their Physical Attacks are powerful. Can Cause Stun and wreak havoc (especially if inflicted with slow status).
Weaknesses of the bosses: weak against blasters (only?)

Personally I find it difficult to take all three of them at the same time. So I beat Ironclad or Power Armor in a different fight (lieutenant) first.
Once I get into the fight the strategy is as follows.
1. Agent should be a Blaster. 3rd Party should be a Blaster (Ms Marvel is a good choice).
2. Gang up on the one who Abomination is with (either Ironclad or Power Armor).
3. While ganging up on whoever is on (2), charge up Hulk (should have 5 Hulk Ups).
4. Do not damage Abomination if his hp is around 3/4 full. We don’t want him to cast ‘Suspended Animation’.
5. After Charging up all heroes, they should kill Abomination in One Shot.

Any better ideas and suggestions for Boss Fights are welcome.

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    can i use Iron man for this and how to i beat him if he does collapsing infrastructure?

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