Marvel Avengers Alliance Taking Your Turns Guide

Marvel Avengers Alliance Taking Your Turns Guide by Zasalamel

The turn based system in this game consist of this having each character ( heros and villians) taking 1 turn during each round. The point of this thread is to show you how to use items, skill and opponent in order to win as fast as possible. Most wont work in pvp since you can’t use items so its more a pve information guide.

Here we go ->
1. Turn wheel indicates 1 round and shows the randomly generated turn order of heros and villians.
2. Each hero/villian get 1 turn within each round (initially)
3. Hero classes/skill or items can be use to increase amount of turns available within a round.
4. The class bonus that really affect turns mostly the Tactician bonus. Scrapper bonus is more a followup but i will add it in.
5. Tactician Gain an extra turn after attacking a blaster / Scrapper gain a followup attack after attacking an infiltrator.

Necessary Lingo
Quick Action (QA) – Grants an Immediate turn when used. [Can be more than 1 extra turn, you can use numerous Quick Action Items in a round]
Magnetic Field Generator (MFG) – Grants an immediate turn after shield is destroyed. [Causes Exhaustion]
Chrono Accelerator (CA) – Grants 2 immedaite turns on target. [Causes Exhaustion]
Chrono Boost (CB) – Gives target 2 turns per round. [Causes Exhaustion]
Quantum Jumper (QJ) – Grants an immediate extra turn to the entire team. [Causes Exhaustion]
Tactical Strike (TS) – Grants Hero/Agent and immediate turn after attacking an opponent. [Does not work on Tacticians]
Double Strike (DS) – Grants a Followup Attack.
Followup Attack (FA) – Predetermined additional attack performed on the target you just attacked.
Exhaustion (E) – Cannot take another turn by the effects of QJ/CA/MFG. [Does not affect QA or TS effect]

Explanation of Classes in reference to turns
Note [# turns for hero/# turns for agent/follow-up attacks]

Max Turns No Class Bonus ______ Class Bonus _______ With Tactical Strike
Generalist ____ 2/2/0 _________ 2/2/0 _________ 3/3/0
Blaster ____ 2/2/0 _________ 2/2/0_________ 3/3/0
Bruiser ____ 2/2/0 _________ 2/2/0 _________ 3/3/0
Scrapper ____ 2/2/0_________ 2/2/2 _________ 3/3/3
Infiltrator ____ 2/2/0 _________ 2/2/0 _________ 3/3/0
Tactician ____ 2/2/0 _________ 3/3/0 _________ 3/3/0

*These additional attack/turn are only available if you meet the requirements.
*These turns take into account of QJ/MFG in effect.
*Not sure of the effects of using Chrono Accelerator/Boost on a target who has QJ giving them an extra turn, but has not been hit with the Exhaustion debuff yet. So i did not comment to that part yet.

Quick Action Skill/Items
They are expressed differently, as not every hero has a QA skill or you might not have the items or weapons. Like i said earlier, they are not affect by Exhaustion.
-Combining QA items and QJ is how you can attain 4 turns in one round. [5 if your a tactician] There are several setups but am just gonna show a simple example one for explanation purposes.
Generalist/Blaster/Scrapper/Bruiser/Infiltrator 4 turn setup

Tactician 4 Turn Setup

Tactician 5 Turn Setup

Again it can be done many ways that just an example. You should be able to figure out how you you should use the weapons to perform the required amount of turns.

Just as a side note if you were wondering which hero can take the most turns in a round. With the right setup it goes somewhat like this
Gambit > She Hulk > Ms. Marvel/Rogue > Rest of Cast

Heroes have it built in that they can’t take more than 2 turns in one round. Exceptions are the use of a limited resource to do so (Gambit/Quick Action Item or Skill /Class Bonus or Effects) – Arsenus [edited his quote]

So use this to your advantage to take down those chapters easier

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