Lime Odyssey General Guide (TH)

Lime Odyssey General Guide (TH) by BakaPanda

Table of Contents:

1:Repairing Guide
1A:About Chat
2:Extraction Guide
3:How to Put Cards On Gear
4:Auction House Guide
5:Upgrading Gear
6:How to get Trade class Fashion and repetition quest for trade class.

About Chat:
/n message = Normal Chat(always Set default)
/s message = Shout everybody see your message
/w or /whisper character’s name message = whisper
/p message = chat in party
/g message = chat in guild

Repair Guide
By Minineko
Repair, talk to NPC Blacksmith (anvil and hammer on his head) = =

then choose 2 and your cursor change to hammer. so click anything you need to repair.

Or you choose 3 when you need to repair all Battle class equipment

and Choose 4 when you need to repair all trade class equipment .

Repair use lot of money too!

(i spend 3G for repair all trade class equipment)

Craft stuff.

Trade class only. must go to shop for your trade class (flag icon on their head) book that available (some book need Lv trade class so plz be careful)
3.Double click on book or Right click to learn it.
4.Press F7 there show thing that you can craft. then click there show you about material .
5.F8 craft about Extaction that you need.


Extraction Guide
By Minineko

1.In trade class, Press F8 and Click.

2.Right Click on Marble and click on 3

3.Wait for action….And you got some bottle. it’s Finish.

And another quest

****you must Collect some Metal******
Ex. Muscovite. and click magnifier icon.

1.Right click on number 1 on number 2. increase you metal for craft.
2.1 Mean The required number. (ฺBasic need 3)
2.2 Mean The amount received. (Now you need 3 Metal Extract)
3. Click on 3 Wait for action…and now you got Metal Extract.

4.Close F8 window.after that Press F7. Click on Crude Metal……
buy Two thing at NPC then Click 5
Quest Finish..

apologize for delay and lot of Pic.

this is BS trade class(Crude Metal….)but another trade did the same too

How to Put Cards on Gear
By Smile

First, your weapons and armors must have card slots like pic below.
Then,press Shift+Right click on the item which you wanna put the cards
and this window will pop-up.

Drag the card to the blank.

Success !

[Remove cards]

Talk with Black smith NPC and choose 5th choice to remove the card.

Choose and remove (OK is Left button)

note **All the card that has been removed will DISAPPEAR**

Auction house Guide
By Minineko

Start at Battle Class

A = Weapon
B = Buy
C = Sell
D = Receive money
E = Search Equipment from Level (Ex 15 – 20 or 15 – 15 )
F = Search any Item from Word (Ex Smithing Stone, Potion)
G = Start search
H = Set default
I = Item’s Name
J = Level of Item
K =Price (Sold immediately)
L = Price (Price auction)
M = Name of the seller
1 = Mace
2 = Knife
3 = One-Handed Sword
4 = Two-Handed Sword
5 = Two-Handed Axe
6 = Staff
7 = Book

Battle Class Armor. Any Battle Class are the same too.

A = Armor
1 = Hat
2 = Belt
3 =Top
4 = Shoes
5 = Decorate the shoulders (or Shoulders) hmmm…..which Correct??
6 = Gloves
7 = Pants

Battle Class accessory(jewelry)
A = accessory or jewelry
1 = Necklace
2 = Ring
B = I not sure but I think i fashion for battle.
May be like Ro Ex. Romantic Flower.(but in Trade Class it’s available and I have some.LoL)
1 = Head (Hat, Cap or something)
2 = middle (I think it’s Glasses )
3 = Lower (maybe it like Romantic Flower)

For Trade Class. Any Trade Class are the same too.

A = Trade Class Weapon (I don’t know how explain this thing.)
B = Armor
1 = Hat, Cap
2 = Top
3 = Pants
4 = Gloves
5 = Shoes

A = Accessory or jewelry
1 = Necklace
2 = Ring
B = Fashion for Trade Class (It’s Very Expensive.but i will guide how to get it too)
3 = Head (in the Screen)
4 = Middle (eyes Ex. Glasses)
5 = Lower (mouth.Like Romantic Flower or romantic Leaf in Ro.)LoL

Trade class craft with F8

A =materials
1 = Any Extraction in F8
2 = Any Essence in F7 First Choice
3 = Raw Materials
อื่่นๆ >>>I forget it. but it’s mean order (Extraction and Essence Skill book)
How important? Yes, it’s Triple Very Important.
Why? If you Learn Basic Extraction, Materials will decrease too. (Normal Need 3 if you learn they need 2!!) and Essence Skill book is use for craft new Essence. High Level Equipment you difference Essence.
before you buy it. be careful about Trade class and Lv trade class.
Of cause, you can have it by collect any Raw Materials.

Last pic…..
A = Used Item
1 = Potion Type regenerate(Slow Recover HP MP or TS Without sit.)
2 = Food add some Status Str, dex, Vit and each other from food(only one status can add now but in the future i think we can add every status.)
3 = Tea (moderate recovery Hp and MP but need sit)
4 = Potion Type Regenerates immediately.
5 = Potion Type Unknown…..I think maybe resurrection leaf in Ro.
6 = Material upgrades. Smiting Stone. Curing Agent and Worn Catalyst.(I will add details in How to upgrades Guide.)
7 = Crads
8 = Other (Random Box trade class equipment, Jewelry and each other)

How to Sell

First drag any Item you need to sell in the square(Limited 10 per Character.)
After drag any item a new pop-up window will available.(in pic)

A = Item’s Name(don’t worry about it.LoL)
B = Price for auction
c = Price for sold at once or Sold Immediately?
D = Fee (Expensive Item need more fee too, 10% per Item but I not remember that.)
E = Number
F = Ok (Start Sell)
G = Cancel

Farming System
By Smile

You can make farm in any Tree&Cow; icon area. (press N or M to see the map)

When you have entered the farm area, find Farmer NPC
to buy animal and plant tokens.(each kind of token require different Trade Lv.)

These are where you can call your plants and animals by
Double click on the token. (Maximum call = 2 for each)

Status window

1. Name

2. Status : There are 2 kinds of them sick and hungry

3. Contentment : every time you feed or care them this gauge will increase 100 per once
and it cost 10S per one action.
Contentment = 1,500 your plants/animals is in 1/3 Growing step.
You will have a chance to get 2 random gift boxes if you harvest them.

Contentment = 4,500 your plants/animals is in 2/3 Growing step.
You will have a chance to get 6 random gift boxes if you harvest them.

Contentment = 9,000 your plants/animals is in 3/3 Growing step.
You will have a chance to get 13 random gift box if you harvest them.

Contentment = 12,000 your plants/animals is in 3/3 Growing step.
You will have a chance to get 16 random gift box if you harvest them.

4. Life span : each one have 60 minutes life time, after 60 minutes. they will disappear.
So make sure that you have harvest them before the time is up !

5. Change name

6. Feed : When your plants/animals are hungry click this button to feed them.

7. Care : When your plants/animals are sick click this button to take care of them.

8. Harvest : Your plants/animals will disappear after you harvested them.

9. Do something cute

10. OK

11. Growing Step

*You can find Curing Agent, Worn Catalyst, Pet egg, Riding animal,
Trade class armor and etc. in Random gift boxes.

You can bring the product to Shady Merchant, exchange
them to TXD and some raw material for crafting.

Upgrading Gear
By Minineko

In Lime ody world have a lot of type item.
Normal —-> White color
Magic —–> Green color
Rare —–> Blue color
Unique—–> Violet color
Legend—-> Orange color

Each color has difference Atk, Status, Option, Slot(High Level equipments have many slot) and each other difference.
Normal—> Lowest
Legend—->Most powerful

Even upgrades Normal equipment has add Lowest Atk, Status and Option too.

Let’s Start..

1.Talk To BS(Anvil and Hammer on this Head again.)
2.Click at first Choice.

3.A new window will available.
A = Slot for Smithing Stone
B = Your equipment
C = Worn Catalyst >>>This Item Add 5 % Success Rate
D =Curing Agent >>>> This Item protect item from disappear after fail But Not 100% I think about 70-80% and 100% prevent may be in Item cash.
E = Ok

In this Pic I have no Worn Catalyst and Curing Agent Because I don’t have enough money.

4.After Click E a new window available.
A = Fee for upgrade
B = Ok upgrade it Nowwwww.
C = Cancel Wait Wait I change my mind.

5. After Click B you must wait for action (10 second,very very long wait)

6. If Success now you have upgrade equipment.

Rate Success
+1 100%
+2 100%
+3 95% If it fails, the item will downgraded.
+4 90% If it fails, the item will downgraded.
+5 80% If it fails, the item will downgraded or Disappear.
+6 60% If it fails, the item will downgraded or Disappear.
+7 40% If it fails, the item will downgraded or Disappear. If Success add some effect on your Weapon (Weapon only) Green Light
+8 10% If it fails, the item will downgraded or Disappear. If Success add some effect on your Weapon (Weapon only) Blue Light
+9 5% If it fails, the item will downgraded or Disappear. If Success add some effect on your Weapon (Weapon only) Yellow Light
+10 1% If it fails, the item will downgraded or Disappear. If Success add some effect on your Weapon (Weapon only) Pink Light

Beware 2

Credit : Rate Success Thai Lime Odyssey.

Getting Trade Class Fashion and Trade Class Quest
By Minineko

1. you must find this symbol when you collect Material.
If they have this symbol that mean you chance to get trade class Fashion and repetition quest’s item from them.

2. Collect Material from them. if you lucky maybe you get a trade class Fashion.

******repetition quest’s item*******

You can get it from them too. I only pic for Human race repetition quest’s item.
But don’t worry any race have something for repetition quest too.(IF they have symbol)

these is repetition quest’s item for human.

NPC who give repetition quest have a same name.

The prize :

you can choose one prize from three. It’s random trade class equipment.
first box(on your Left) = 1-5 trade class equipment
second box = 7-10 trade class equipment
third box = 12-17 trade class equipment

And you got 1k exp for trade class too.

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