Lime Odyssey Warrior Class Introduction

Lime Odyssey Warrior Class Introduction by aeria.anex

Playable by:
Human, Turga, Muris

Usable Weapons:
Sword, Greatsword, Battle Axe, Mace
Note: Warriors cannot dual wield.

The undisputed masters of straightforward battle, Warriors are tanks with a tendency to charge headfirst into a fight. Their abilities are equally balanced between offense and defense. All Warriors begin their journey with the skill “Wild Charge”, a basic attack that inflicts 137 damage, and one skill point to grab a new ability of their choice. As players level up, they can work their way along Attack and Defense skill trees to learn more new skills and abilities.

The Attack tree is for those who want to cleave their enemies with well-polished two handed swords and axes. Aside from hack and slash style abilities, the Attack tree offers a variety of power increasing abilities for both yourself and your party, best used to maximize damage per second during those grueling boss fights.

Anex’s favorite skill in this tree: “Steel Tornado”

    Spin your weapon to become a deadly whirlwind, dealing a certain percentage of your weapon damage to all nearby enemies with each successful hit. This attack also has a chance to stun any enemies hit for 3 seconds. This attack hits multiple times.

– It hits everything nearby – for a lot. It’s a fun skill when you have a cleric to keep you up and you can spin spin spin.

The Defense trees primary focus is exactly as one would think, to absorb up all the damage while dishing a little out in return. When taking this route, one will always want to yield a shield to protect against the onslaught of arrows, slashes, mashes, crashes, bites, and stings! Aside from buffs to increase physical and magic defense, the Defense tree also adds plenty of utility type abilities such as malice increasing shouts and short duration stuns.

Anex’s favorite skill in this tree: “Divine Shield”

    Throw a holy shield at the target, inflicting magic damage. This also has a chance to stun the target, and will drastically increase their Malice.

– I love this skill because it’s a great way to initiate or re-pull aggro after your mage or thief started blowing up the wrong target.

Don’t forget to check out the LO Website Warrior Description for more skill info.

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