Lime Odyssey Crafting Preview Information

Lime Odyssey Crafting Preview Information by Neoyoshi

Disclaimer: Because none of this is English translated i will be using the term: “Professions” -also keep in mind that this IS the Korean version, and anything here-in does not represent the final product of the English version.

Once the English version of the game in available and when we are allowed to post screenshots of our version, i will slowly change all the provided information and screenshots to represent our version if necessary.

In this preview i will be talking about the main primary profession or (Job): in this example i will be using the blacksmith job, as well as how the secondary profession works with the primary, along with the various other features that revolve around crafting.

During character customization you picked a job you wished to focus on, and very early on in the game you will get a few quests that act as a tutorial to give you a clear understanding of how crafting works.

So i picked “Blacksmith” for my Muris Warrior, at the bottom left hand of the screen you have your UI panel with the different selections, here you have the primary and secondary profession icons that you can click to open up each profession window. You can also use the F7 and F8 as hot-keys for these two icons.

Secondary Profession / Gathering Job

I’ve affectionately called the secondary profession the “Gathering job” because that is what it strictly pertains to, as you will find out in a series of quests, each type of gathering method you use will net you certain materials that are required to craft certain materials in the Secondary professions window.

The secondary profession window is mainly used to craft materials specifically for your main profession, in this case “Blacksmithing” now i can only assume that depending on the job you pick at character selection, let’s say “Cooking” the materials that you can craft in the secondary profession may be different.

Primary Profession / Vender materials.

When crafting an item, let’s say i want to craft a new Mace, i am going to need certain items that i had collected through gathering like: wood from chopping down a tree, items i had crafted with the secondary profession, and finally Vender materials

Vender materials are items that; like the name suggests, can only be obtained through the purchase of Vender NPCs, which for the seasoned MMORPG game, should be a very familiar feature of crafting.

Recipe and Material Vender NPCs

Like in other MMORPGs, you have venders to purchase a large variety of crafting recipes you will need to further you profession, each primary profession has their own unique recipe venders, along with other various vender types pertaining to that profession.

And you have your Materials Vender right next to the recipe vender, making the whole crafting process less tedious verse having to run back and forth to numerous venders spread out across different areas.

Of course all of this can get expensive in more then one way, so it comes with a balance of how much time you stand in front of these NPC’s crafting and how much time you spend doing other things.

Job Fatigue.

While crafting in Job Mode you basically have a set amount of points you can use towards crafting an item or a material with your profession, depending on what it is, will cost a certain amount of points, like for example that Mace that i had created costs 42 points to make.

The fatigue restoration rate is kind of up in the air right now, from player observation it is likely to be one to two hours when the fatigue bar is completely depleted; players who have played obviously more then i have have also discovered that resting at any INN will restore fatigue completely.

Life Job Leveling System.

This system is just like any other type of stat system where when leveling up, you can allot points in to certain areas of growth, what makes this system so unique is that it augments gathering and crafting abilities.

The life job levels up separately from your class job, you gain life job experience through questing, gathering and crafting, certain quests that specifically pertain to your life job will likely net more life experience (Lexp).

This also hints at the possibility of Life job dailies, but i am not far enough in to the game to make such an assertion.

Here is a rough translation which was posted by Deformality (Korean Wiki and then Google translated)

창의력 – Creativity: Collecting additional acquisition may increase the likelihood of success
이해력 – Comprehension: Increased chance of success when trying to collect
활용력 – Hwalyongryeok: Acquisition and production rate increases
주의력 – Attention: The maximum increase in vitality
집중력 – Concentration: An increase in the probability of success when trying to manufacture
판단력 – Judgment: Increased probability of success when trying to increase jackpot fight career stats

Additional Info by yulino

Job system – Is exactly like the class system, but with a few tweaks. You gain exp through life quests and yes, through gathering and crafting. BUT: Major point is, your life class cannot be higher than your battle class; so if you’re 100% at level 15 on your Life Class, you cannot advance until battle class is level 16. For example.

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