Lime Odyssey Elemental Mage Build Guide

Lime Odyssey Elemental Mage Build Guide by masterzorc08…0000000000
~*~ Elemental Mage~*~

Please understand this is a CB build BASED on the current calcs we have. I have to do testing at lvl 50 in CB before I can make a spec for release

Elemental Tree
Tier one
Wind Arrow – Max
Staff Mastery – Max

Tier Two
Magic Crit Mastery – Max
Frozen Missile – Max

Tier Three
Gale Slash – Max

Tier Four
Magic Barrier – Max
Glacial Spines – Max

Tier Five
Fireball – Max
Cyclonic Prison – 1/1

Tier Six
Elemental Mastery – Max
Absolute Zero – Max

Tier Seven
Arcane Force – 1/1
Meteor Strike* – 1/3

Darkness Tree

Tier One
Intelligence Mastery – Max
Book Mastery – Max

Tier Two
Intelligence Boost – Max

Suggested order of spending points while leveling:
Wind Arrow -> Staff Mastery -> Frozen Missile -> Gale Slash -> Glacial Spines -> Fireball -> Elemental Mastery -> Meteor Strike -> Arcane Force (After this point, the order is up to you) -> Book Mastery -> Intelligence Mastery -> Intelligence Boost -> Magic Crit Mastery -> Magic Barrier -> Absolute Zero -> Cyclonic Prison


  • First off, this build is for leveling with end-game in mind. This is assuming there is no respec on skills past lvl 20 (until Item Mall item)
  • Lightning Bolt, as it is now, is 100% useless, so I skipped it. It doesn’t do more damage than Gale Strike, and has a longer CD.
  • *Meteor Strike only 1/3 – Increasing it past one point increases the damage, but also imposes a 20 second cooldown. It is best to keep it at 1/3 and just spam it rather than beef it up and only getting to use it once every 20 seconds.
  • Elemental does the most damage, however it is not for pvp
  • Two points are left over. Nowhere to put them, so I’ll sit on them for now.
  • I do know that, from the Thai LO, that Wind Arrow has a cast now, and Gale Slash places a dot

Potential Rotation for Bosses
Gale Strike -> Fire Ball -> Arrow Wind (when other spells in rotation are on CD) Repeat. Spells are in order of preference. Note that since Fireball has a lower CB, it will be used more than Gale Strike, but the DoT Gale Strike puts on makes it come first in the rotation. The DoT should always be up as much as possible.

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