Lime Odyssey Marriage System Guide

Lime Odyssey Marriage System Guide by yulino

At Lime Odyssey Korea, they are implementing the Marriage/Coupling System and kicking it off with an event; Starting from Jan 10th, to Feb 15th, pairing up couples to get “married”.

Pre-disclaimer: I am not sure if there is same gender marriage at this moment.
Somethings are subject to change on Aeria’s Lime Odyssey.

How to become a couple:

  • Male/Female can go to an NPC, in which they buy bouquets in order to raise affection of person they want to “date” and later marry.
  • Afterwhich after affection is accumulated up to a certain point, they can later “marry”.
  • A prettiful server announcement will go off once the couple has been married.


  • Couples will be able to obtain “rings” in which you can summon your significant other.
  • Experience boost;
  • The fact that you’re married.

Divorcing/Breaking up
When divorcing/breaking up, one cannot obtain another partner for a week.

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