Lime Odyssey Cleric Class Guide

Lime Odyssey Cleric Class Guide by One0Spartan

Heads up. Before we get started, know that this is a guide
from the Korean wiki and all I did was do some revising and editing,
so it’s easier to read without translation!

Cleric Info
* Keep party alive
* Higher than normal Vitality
* Low DPS
* High Burst
* Low Defense
* A solo-able class (In some cases capable of tanking a little)

With that being said, due to the high survival rate of a cleric due to their high VIT and healing spells, they aren’t pushovers. However, you must remember that playing a cleric means you are planning to support your party from the back with buffs and heals. Never get your hands dirty unless you need to.

As another reminder, in case you forgot or didn’t know… all the base stats are automatically distributed upon level up. The only way to affect your stats otherwise is to get better equipment.

Level 1
Strength – 13
Vitality – 10
Dexterity – 6
Talent – 8
Intelligence – 8
Wisdom – 15Level 50
(Current Level Cap)
Strength – 238
Vitality – 174
Dexterity – 156
Talent – 118
Intelligence – 216
Wisdom – 329

It is best to invest in Intelligence and MP recovery so that your mana is always full and your healing spell are more effective.

Equipping your Cleric:
Clerics have two trees which you can level up. The “Healing” Branch and the “Training” (damage dealing). On the Training side you have skills that are specific to Maces. While the Healing tree has mainly buffs, and heals and emphasizes the use of Grimoires and Staves. Maces gives Strength while Staves give Vitality and Grimoires give Magic Attack. You can either be a holy damage dealer or full support.

The Holy Skill Tree:
Just as a reminder Clerics can chose to be either the Holy Damage dealer or the Holy Support class. You can choose to get skills in both but it will either hinder your physical damage or hinder your healing potential. Check out the skills for yourself.

Soloing vs. Partying:
NOTE: While races don’t differ much each races starting zones do. The Turga starting zone is harder than the Muris and Human so soloing could be easier or harder depending on your race.

Clerics who solo tend to make out pretty decently. They can survive a fight with their heals and buffs however due to their nature of being support they do not kill as quickly as other classes. On top of that there is always a chance of running out of mana due to the constant casting of spells.

However clerics of the Training will have boosted attack damage and defense with shield so that they don’t solely rely on spells but instead basic attack and the skills they acquire.

Trade Classes for Cleric:
For a cleric you can choose any trade class, but the reccomended ones would be a Blacksmith or a Tailor. Blacksmith more so for clerics going down the Training and Tailor for those under the Healing tree. Why you ask? Simple really. Tailors make clothes for classes that use leather armors. As such you can make a set that could boost MP recovery or Intelligence , two things that a support cleric truly needs. While a Blacksmith can make shields and maces to further the physical attack or defense of the shield that the Training Cleric may use.

A few Cleric Vids

Healing Tree Cleric

Training Cleric

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