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a.1 Welfare
a.2 Armor and Weapon Souls and Augments
a.3 Imbuing Weapons And Armor
a.4 Mounts
a.5 Solo Runs and Training EXP
a.6 Combining Gems
b.1 Ruin Portals

a.1 Welfare

Welfare – at the capital of your faction talk with the Gift Manager
to Receive:
HP/MP potions that stack to 99.
a Revive stone
Armor durability item
Exp (1.3x EXP) item
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a.2 Armor and Weapon Souls and Augments

Items and Weapons obtained from ‘Level Boxes’ can NOT be traded when used to upgrade.
To get (Souls) for Armor and Weapons:
Weapon Souls: Buy from Craftsman in towns, and Drops.
Armor Souls: Obtained from Legendary Boxes. (Press V and Check the dungeons for what souls drop and % of drop in each run.)
*things to know: +1 through +3 (100%) +4 (75%) +5 (50%) +6 (25%)
After +3, You will need a Craftsman’s Stone for any additional upgrade.
Make sure to have 100% exp in weapon to get the Upgrade to the next Plus.
Example: item with +2 and 98exp on it will still be +2 if you try to upgrade.
You CAN NOT combine 2 purple items (items that have Souls already on them)
You can only use Heart of Craftsman or Heart of Blacksmith, *Not Both* upgrade accordingly.
Heart of Craftsman – allows you to keep Blue (additional stats) on weapon/armor.
Example: Level 40 item(soul) + Heart of Craftsman + Level 36 item = Level 40 item(soul) with Blue stats of lvl 36 item.
Heart of Blacksmith – allows you to keep Base stats (Damage) for weapons (MDef/PDef) for armor.
Heart of Blacksmith will also keep the imbue stats of the previous Weapon/Armor. (Will take the level of the previous item)
Example: Level 24 item(soul) + Heart of Blacksmith + Level 36 item = Level 24 item(soul) with same damage as Previous level 24 item.
****************** For more information on upgrading Weapons/Armor click on link provided. *******************
Eligium Weapon Augmentation Guide

a.3 Imbuing Weapons And Armor

Armor and Weapons can get Additional Stats added to their Base stats
such as:
Weapons get a boost to their Magical and Physical Damage.
Armor get a Boost to their Physical and Magical Defense.
When imbuing a Weapon/Armor there will be a range in the amount of bonus Damage/Defense respectively.

a.4 Mounts

There are constant questions about mounts in-game.
First to receive your FIRST mount you will need to be Character level 20.
At that level you will be able to get the quest: [Tips] The egg of the pet.
When you accept the quest you have your Egg. After a thirty min – an hour wait your mount Hatches from the egg.
Now is when it gets fun…….. (sarcasm)
****FIRST remove the (immature) mount from your character and complete the quest: [Side] Please Grow up, to avoid any problems later on (bugs).
After your quest is done. You will need to feed your mount.
You feed it with ‘Senior Magic Powder’. the quest you just completed gives you 30 Junior Magic Powder.
You need 10 Senior Magic Powder:
250 Junior Magic Powder = 10 Senior Magic Powder
5 Junior Magic Powders = 1 Intermediate Magic Powder
50 Intermediate Magic Powder = 10 Senior Magic Powder
5 Intermediate Magic Powder = 1 Senior Magic Powder
You can gain Powders from Disassembling blue-gold armor/weapons lvl 20 and up.
Potion merchants and Mount Keepers can upgrade Junior/Intermediate Powders.

Additional Pets can be attained From the Sunday Race in Honorhold(i donk know other faction)
************************* for more information on mounts click on link provided below. **********************
Eligium Mount Maturing Guide

a.5 Solo Runs and Training EXP

Loop line Quest (Lv. 20): 9 Quest in total.
To Complete:
includes kill quest.
Vender runs (cost 1k per item).
Collection items runs (ore/grass).
Bronze badge (10x).

Soul Points
EXP that scales with level.
EXP (1.5x Exp) item.
Set item (usually Pants).
Hag potion(random) need 1 of each of the 7 potions to turn in for reward.
RARE** 50 Teleport stone charges.

Memory Keeper Dungeons: Cost 200 event points to enter Each.
Level 26 **********Level 42 *********Level 41 ********Level 46
Rewards: *********Rewards: ********Rewards: *******Rewards:
Training EXP *****Training EXP ****Training EXP ***Training EXP
EXP ****************EXP ***************EXP *************EXP
Soul points *******Soul points *******Soul points ****Soul points
Gold ***************Gold **************Gold ************Gold
Gold Box **********Gold Box *********Gold Box *******Gold Box
Advanced Orb*****Advanced Orb****

Mystical Forest(Lv.34)
Available Quest: Persistent Anta
Training EXP
Soul points
Hero Box
Gold Box
Advanced Orb
RARE** Map

Recomended: Do all Memory Keeper Dungeons for your Level as they will grant the most Training EXP you can get without a party.
Persistent Anta cost nothing to run and you will fight 2 bosses and a chance at fighting a third (you can always fight a third boss if u collect flower)
Loop Line Quest is good. The quest can be time consuming and somewhat expensive for lower levels.

Training Experience grants a sub leveling boost to stats.
Depending on Class each level in your training will grant you bonuses to most stats.
Training EXP will be granted in ALL Legendary runs and solo runs As they scale to the highest level in party.
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a.6 Combining Gems

Gems are common drops in Eligium.
By themselves, they seem somewhat weak, but when they are combined they can immensly increase your stats!
Things you will need to combine Gems. (gems must be the same kind, and same tier or will not combine)
x3 gems (25% chance to upgrade)
x4 gems (50% chance to upgrade)
x5 gems (75% chance to upgrade)
and a Advanced Orb.
Step one.
Open Galgaron Cube by pressing ‘U’ on your Keyboard.
Click on the Combining Tab on the bottom of the window that poped up.
Step two.
Since we are combining Gems. When we clicked on the Combining tab we will be on the Gem Combining Tab.
By right-clicking or dragging your Gems into the open spaces you can add the gems into the Cube.
By adding the amounts shown above you will see the chance of upgrading pop up in the Cube.
Step three.
With a little bit of luck you click Combine and now have a gem with the next tier up.
Example Ruby3(x5) can turn into Ruby4
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************************************For more information on Combining Gems click on the link provided Below.**********************
Eligium Gem Socketing and Combining Guide

b.1 Ruin Portals

FYI: Mobs = monsters/ enemies/ targets. what ever you want to call them.

Every once in a while you find yourself grinding outside of a FairyLand Area.
There is a high chance that you will or already have spawned a portal from the mobs you were killing.
These portals bring you into another area where the mobs are roughly the same area as the mobs you were killing.
The mobs inside the area, may not be the same mobs you are fighting outside but have had a level range around 4-5 levels apart.
They give about the same amount of EXP you would get if you were in a Faryland area. they do drop gold and collectible items, (haven’t seen any weapons/armor yet).

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