Eligium Beginner’s Basic Guide

Eligium Beginner’s Basic Guide by Inovacious

I thought of coming up with some informations that will be very helpful to new comers but are lazy to search around, it won’t be much help to the oldies but I guess that’s how it is.

First of all, there are 4 races and 5 classes each in Eligium;

The Races


The Classes


Gender Locks/Jobs

Now, most MMORPGS have gender locks and certain jobs can only be a girl/boy. But Eligium is different, you are able to choose your gender freely [ Male/Female ] despite any job you pick! On the other hand, Pandas have NO gender at all, obviously you cannot tell if it’s a male or a female if you’re playing a Panda. For the rest of the jobs, you are free to select your gender.

PVP in Eligium

PvP are about the same, so I don’t think I would add much in here regarding PvP as it’s mostly the same with most MMORPGS you’ve ever played. Just adding some few stuff about PvP, there would also be Factions VS Factions war and also Guild VS Guild war. These 2 types of battlefield can contains up to 200 players per once if I’m not mistaken.

Leveling in Eligium

The leveling experience here is quite fast and pleasant, so it’s not much of a hardcore leveling style. For example, you don’t have to level 24 hours straight just to reach a few certain levels, that would be insane! For players that wish to level faster, they can do daily quests which will definitely be faster than grinding. But note, some quests could be hard and you must have a party in order to complete with ease. Players doesn’t really have the need to grind slowly on monsters but can actually just do quests to level up, there are plenty of quests waiting for you.

That’s about it, if there’s any information I could share I would definitely post it here! I hope that these informations would be useful to the new comers, if any oldies would like to share some useful tips, please do share it freely!

What is Eligium all about?

I’m glad you’ve asked this question, well here is some little useful information which may answer all your doubts about what and why. Eligium is different from any MMORPGS you’ve probably ever seen and played. Eligium basically have 2 Factions, which is Holy Kingdom and Empire of Glory. You will fight for honor for your Factions, Factions is like a country which you and your fellow members will give it your best to defend it from the enemies [ The other faction ]. Eligium have plenty of PvP modes, One on One, Guild VS Guild, and Faction VS Faction. Which pretty much keeps you away from boring! Eligium is where you are pulled into a fantasy world and you will be choosing your Factions and from it, your journey starts. Well, time to come, you’ll get to know more about Eligium when you play it yourself. It will be a whole new gaming experience that you’ve never tasted before!

Open Beta

It seems that some new comers still are not sure whether they need a beta key to play in the OBT. The answer to your questions is NO. You DO NOT need a beta key to play in the OBT.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    faction vs faction like godswar :) can't wait

  2. Anonymous says:

    gender lock MMO = Vindictus , Dragon Nest,etc :v

  3. Zato Maso says:

    RAN online is a gender locked mmo

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have never seen a gender locked MMO.

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