Eligium Weapon Augmentation Guide

Eligium Weapon Augmentation Guide by delicious

hi friends,
ive made a guide on how to make ur first +1 wep and how to keep improving it so u can get to +4 and so on.
this guide is a work in progress. once the OB starts, ill update the words[actual names of certain things] and
provide detail images on the procedure. hope it doesnt suck.

i explained this to few ppl during cbt. its easy but the reason it seems difficult or confusing is because the process is different
the first time and the remaining times. the warning message is also rubbish – it confuses u unnecessarily.

ill try to explain it here, [will be updated with images and better explanations in OB]

u get a quest that auto-paths u to a NPC who will assist u with ur augmentation/NPC Blacksmith
and when u click on him there u will find an option that opens a window to augment ur wep:

******[UPDATED LAST: 02-02-2012 19:48]

1.)there u will find 2 SLOTS. the TOP ONE and one at the middle to the right[lets call it the BOTTOM SLOT].
2.)u place the AUGMENTATION SOUL STONE in the TOP SLOT, and the WEAPON in the BOTTOM SLOT.
3.)u get a warning message that it wont be successful, but thats only because after u add the stone the FIRST TIME,
u dont get a +1. the first time u fuse the soul stone to the weapon it can never become +1. it only changes colours and
u make it ready to become +1 and so on…+2+3+4…
4.)so u do it and they fuse. it will say u have 0% EXP. this is related to second augmentation.
[ means repeating what u did above to improve the “+ grade” to the next lvl, 0 to +1, then +1 to +2 so on]

5.)when u kill monsters near ur lvl, [imp:near ur lvl], then it gains exp and slowly fills up till it becomes 100%.
6.)when it is 100% now u can make it +1. [IT WILL SAY 100%EXP ON UR WEP INFO]

7.)u go back to the NPC who allows u to make it a +1. this is the very important part. read carefully.[FOR FUSED WEP THATS NOT YET +1]
8.) dont need another soul stone now. because ur wep that was fused with the soul stone itself ACTS as the SOUL STONE.
9.)so u place the wep with 100% exp fused to the soul stone in the TOP SLOT.
10)now u place a new weapon in the bottom slot. lets call this weapon X.

11.) many ppl think that the wep u put in the top slot will get upgraded. they are wrong. the top wep is sacrifised and
the bottom weapon, weapon X gets upgraded to +1.

12.)so u see the difference, first the top slot had the soul stone only, now u placed the wep with the stone fused.
13.)the wep X becomes +1. now time to make a +2.

14.)once again u use the wep and gain exp so its exp says 100%. then now again it can be used to make a +2.
15.) but as explained above it gets sacrifised. and the new wep, say wep Y, is placed in the bottom slot.
wep Y can be any wep[same type/dont mean identicle/ just has to be of the same category] , even a white normal wep.
it doest have any +1 or even +0, nothing. but the top wep, wep X which is +1 now is sacrifised and the Wep Y becomes
wep Y +2 with 0% exp.

16.)repeat and u can go to +4 after which it will ask for other materials that are dropped in dungeons like CD.
important: the idea behind behind the augmentation

a.)”the plain stone is used first and from the second time u dont need a new soul stone. the fused stone+wep is taken for the sacrifice
and augmentation of power to a new wep.

b.)”so it follows a sacrifice system. so later on when u have a +6 for example, the +6 wep is sacrifised and the new wep thats
isnt even a +1 becomes a +7″

***Augmented Weapon Charge*** [thnx to Bekar]
[pics for guide will be provided in OB]

1.) if u have hovered ur mouse pointer over a newly made augmented wep it will say Charge: 4 on it.
this is something important in the long run so let me explain what it means.

2.) 4 charges means that u are allowed 4 failures, before u cannot use it for futher augmentation.
so a Weapon that says +5 with 0 charges left cant be used to make a new wep into a +6.
3.)after +4 ur wepons chances of a successful augmentation decreases. initially to 75%.

4.)so the big question is what do u do if the charge becomes 0 and u find a new wep that u want to make +9.
5.)for this lets assume u have wep X +8 and wep Y [ the new wep u found that u want to make into wep Y +9]
6.)in the augmentation window u place wep X +8 in the top slot and wep Y in the bottom slot with other required
materials and proceed with the augmentation. if the augmentation was not successful and the charge of wep X +8
has turned zero, u cannot use it now to make ur wep Y +9.

7.)so dont panic. just buy a normal white wep and a augmentation soul stone [ 50k gold/cheap for anyone above lvl 25].
buy more white normal weapons and follow the steps in the above guide till u get to +8. then u try making ur wep Y +9.
during this process if u are unsuccessful many times and u dont even get to a +8 wep – then you just have to repeat.
atleast u dont have to spend a lot of gold buying costly weapons. even the cheap white weps of any lvl will do.

because remember the +8 is not going to be upgraded. it gets sacrificed and the new wep becomes +9
and the reason why u can just use white weps to make a +8(example) is because the forged wepon will have the
same bonus stats as the one put into the bottom slot and get the +x stat [increase magic dmg or phy dmg based on the soul stone used]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    on what level will the quest appear? thanks

  2. Jimmy L says:

    Good guide thank you very much :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can you give some pics to example where's TOP SLOT and where's BOTTOM SLOT?

    Mess from a new player of this game! Thank you so much about your sharing guide!!!

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