Eligium Galgaron Cube Guide

Eligium Galgaron Cube Guide by eLLoco

In this tutorial it will explain the Galgaron Cube and the Combine option.
In game press the key “U” and the Galgaron Cube will show up.

Click Galgaron Cube and the Combine window will show up.

The following details explain the 3 options in Galgaron Cube.

1. This option is for combining gems, upgrade runes, set upgrading and reforging items.

2. Identify sealed monsters. Learn the skill Sealing from Life Skill Instructor in order to seal the purple named mobs. The skill costs 50.000 gold and will consume 20 Soul Points every time you use it. When you succesfully sealed a monster you will get a crystal that needs you to identify it, it will fail 4 out of 5 times but when you succed you will get a Nature Soul or a Demon Card.

Nature Soul is added on mount and you get an extra ability for your skills/weapon/damage/resists.
Demon Cards are used to augment Purple gear. For weapon u can get an extra 1%-4% damage and on armors you can get 1%-3% damage/monsters resist.

3. This option is for adding extra stats on weapon, you will need 6 Runes

For an initial Rune Imbue you will need 3 Runes-A and 3 Runes-B, you will just need to select the desired element on your weapon.

4. Combining Options. 

As you can see there are 4 options in this window.

1. Combine gems – take 5 gems of the same color and combine them with a chance to get a +1 Gem with greater stats. Also there is a Gem-Refinery Stone that can increase the chances to 100%. Also you can Combine 5 Gems+1 to get a +2 Gem with even greater stats. This gems can be socketed in weapon/armor/accesoryes.

2. Rune Upgrade – Take 5 Runes-A and combine them with a chance of 75% to get a Rune B. Also for this there is a Rune-Refinery stone that can increase the chances to 100%. With 5 Runes-B you can get 1 Rune-C and so on.

3. Set Upgrading – Exactly what it says, you can get some set items and add them over your purple gear to gain extra stats.

4. Reforging Gear – Here you can combine 3 items to make a better one. Items must be same level, same color, and be normal or elite.
Ex: Reforging 3 Blue Elite items will give with 100% chance a yellow elite item. Reforging 3 Yellow Elite items will give with 100% a gold elite item. Gold Elite items are the best that can be aquired in the game.

For all the options above you will also need Advanced Orbs and an amount of Gold.

Big Thanks and Credit goes to Wab1suke ( Undisputed Guild – Int’l )

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