Eligium Sealing Guide

Eligium Sealing Guide by Eisenfaust

Sealing Basics
Required Skillbook: Sealing (50k, Can be purchased at any Life Skills NPC)
Other Tools: None.
Level Requirement: 30
The ability to seal monsters who have the purple “– Can be Sealed-“ mark in their name. Injured monsters can be more easily sealed and skill advancement can increase the success rate of Sealing.

What Sealing Actually Does:
Sealing is like playing Pokemon. You beat the monster down to the lowest health without KOing it, and then you spam throw the Pokeball(Sealing Skill). You then hope for success. The end result is a Demonseal.

A Demonseal is the soul of the creature you have captured. Once captured, you can open up your Soul Circle Interface, and then Identify(it’s the bottom right button) the Soul. This is the tricky part, if you haven’t identified the Soul beforehand, there’s a great chance of failure. If you fail, the Soul is destroyed. Each identify costs 100 gold.

After successfully identifying the Seal, you have either a Pet Skill Scroll, or a Minion Card (If there is more, please tell me).

Mount Skill Scrolls are useable skills you can enhance your mount with. Minion Cards can further enhance your Weapon with the Stats of the Sealed Monster.

Possible Pet Skills:

Nature’s Soul – Can be added to the Mount.

  • Nature: Magic Dew – You will have a chance to activate Magic Dew effect to increase normal hit rate by 10-15 points when your level is lower then the Soul essence from monsters.
  • Nature: Unyielding – You will have a chance to activate Unyielding effect to increase the damage done by your normal and skill attacks to the target Soul essence from monsters.

[To be continued]

Sealing Profession:

To raise your Sealing Skill fast, I suggest finding a Sealable Mob, and then spamming your Seal Skill on it. Simple. Occassionally, you will even get a successful Seal. Best place to do it (if you’ve gotten it as soon as you can..) would be the area surrounding Elven City. There are so many mobs around that area, you are guarenteed to find a Sealable mob within minutes. Fairland is even better.

I have discovered that the best way to Seal is with a Druid. Why? We have a little thing called a Thorn Totem. You demolish the mob with Tornado, and place a totem once you get the mob to about 10%. Spam your Seal Skill, and the totem will drain the mob down to 1/1***** health. Totems can’t actually kill a Mob, so this allows you to get the highest chance of a quick Seal.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice guide! I have a question. Is Sealing very difficult to be done succesfully? I’ve tried sealing on drow archer and spend about 500 souls and got nothing. It always said ‘Resist’.

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    Fount it, thanks – Provider of production materials

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    Very nice job! But where exactly I can but Sealing skill in Hornhold

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