Eligium Gem Socketing and Combining Guide

Eligium Gem Socketing and Combining Guide by Seigheart

Combining Gems

While going through dungeons, and completing quests, you may, or may not, have found several gems along the way.

These gems are special. Why? Because you can socket certain equipment with them, and increase important attributes such as Physical Defense, Max HP/Mana, or even increase your Max Damage.

To socket your equipment, first, you must aquire sockable gear. You can tell if it is capable of being socketed quite easily. When you hover over the gear, a mini display opens. In that display(where the gear’s attributes are posted) there will be a small square, and the word “Socket” next to it.

Open your Galgaron Cube(Shortcut “U”). On the left hand side, there are several tabs (each for it’s own purpose). First, we shall look at Gem Combining.

In order to combine Gems, you need several of the same gem as well as an Advanced Orb(available from common mob drops). The Advanced Orb will already be selected in the process, and now, you need to select the gems. Insert three gems by drag and dropping, or right clicking each gem. You will notice the first three gems will not increase the Success Rate located at the bottom right of the display. When you enter the fourth gem, the success rate goes up to 75%. Comining gems will increase the Gem’s magical properties. It is advised to do so to get the best use out of your gear.

If you are lucky, you will now have a Level 2 Gem. If not, you will have gained some frustration.

Socketing Your Gear

The easiest way to do so is to hold Shift, and Right Click the Gem. Doing so will open your Gem Socketing Display. Drag and drop the gear to the open slot in the box, and combine the Gem and Gear. Simple, right? Now, unlike combining Gems, you can’t actually fail socketing gear. So, feel free to socket all your gear.

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