Eligium How to Play if You are IP Blocked Guide

Eligium How to Play if You are IP Blocked Guide by JEMZ

I know a lot of you guys want to play Eligium so bad. The Devs are doing their part to fix those IP restrictions. So meanwhile they are doing their part, i made this guide so that IP Blocked Countries can contribute to the CBT Test and do our share to the Eligium Community. So here goes…

STEP 1: Download and Install ProXPN => http://proxpn.com/download.php

STEP 2: Run ProXPN:

(You need to register an account)

STEP 3: Click “Connect”

STEP 4: Wait for ProXPN to be connected:

(This should appear near your clock)

STEP 5: Open your Internet browser and navigate to http://www.eligium.com.

(Your browser will display this page when you navigate to a different webpage just click “or continue to www.eligium.com”

STEP 6: Wait for bandwidth to be allocated to you.

STEP 7: Run your Eligium Launcher

(Click “Eligium CBT”, Click “Closed Beta Server 1” then Click “Play”)

STEP 8: Wait for your Eligium Launcher and GPK to Patch.

STEP 9: Wait for the “Login Screen” to load.

(Once you see the “Login Screen” hit the “Start Button” or “Alt+TAB” to display your clock. Right-click on ProXPN Icon and click “Disconnect”)
Note: You wont be able to login to the game if ProXPN is turned ON.

STEP 10: Enter your account name and password then click “Enter World” (Note: your account name and password is the one sent to your email, not your forum or website username and password).

STEP 11: Play and Enjoy Eligium! =)

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