Eligium No Server List Solution Guide

Eligium No Server List Solution Guide by JustLoveMe

This is just until they fix it

Step one. Update your game.
Step two. Go to your Eligium folder. It is where ever you installed it. Are you can right click on the icon on your desktop and click on open file location.
Step three. Locate the mw2_bin folder.
Step four. Find the icon with Chinese letters. The name of it is. Eligium. But the icon is with Chinese letters.
Step five. Login and play

Enjoy and have fun

Are you can download my config file.


Okay where to place them.

Step one find your Eligium folder.
Step two.Locate web folder.
Step three. Download my config files. Then place them in the web folder.
Step four. Login and play.
Step five. Enjoy.

Another reason the server list goes missing is the config.ini gets corrupted. In which case you need to do a complete restart before moving the config.ini into the folder. I’ve never seen the config.cfg missing or corrupted. Bypassing the gamelauncher is an ill advised option as you may miss an update such as patches or the server list being updated. It’s better to make backups of the files and copy them into the web folder after a restart when this occurs.

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