Dragon Born FAQ

Dragon Born FAQ by BabyBear

Where do I find Skill Books?
Skill books drop off various monsters throughout the world and in instances.

Where do I get Books to upgrade my Reading?
These can be dropped from Bosses in instances or from fishing.

What are Cards and where do I get them?
Cards are used to help you level up talents. They can be found in instances and drop from world bosses.

Where to get Aura?
You can get it from fishing, using basic training in a main city, or completing quests.

Why Join a Guild?
Most guilds start recruiting at level 21 or above. Just simply click the button that looks like two hands to enter the interface and apply for a Guild. You can also start your own by going to a main city and speaking with a Guild Management NPC.

Why upgrade a mount?
Upgrading mounds can make them faster, look cooler, and their attacks more powerful.

How to ride a mount?
There three ways to mount up. First, you can simply hit ‘X’ on your keyboard. You can click the brown horse at the bottom of the screen, or inside the mount interface you can mount up.

Why are some players names in red?
If another players name is in red that means that they are from another faction and they can attack you. But don’t worry, you can attack them as well.

Where is the Circus?
After getting a ticket you can enter the Circus.

How to use a Gift Code?
Click on events in the upper right and then go to limited pack to enter it.

Where is a Golden Bean?
They drop from World Bosses.

What is Aura used for?
It is used for leveling up abilities and Blood line.

Why can’t I trade Gold?
You cannot trade Gold until level 35.

When does the server reset?
Daily at 4:00a.m. PDT.

When are Battlefields open?
Daily from 10:00a.m.-11:00a.m., 2:00p.m.-3:00p.m., and 6:00p.m.-7:00p.m. PDT.

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