Dragon Born Classes Introduction

Dragon Born Classes Introduction by BabyBear

In Dragon Born there are four separate classes to choose from, these include Priest, Ranger, Soldier, and Mage. Each play a unique roll when it comes to battling out, which one will you choose?

Classes have multiple ways of becoming powerful such as through skills, talents(level 21), class specific gear, and bloodlines!


Are you looking to whip up some crazy spells and deal some serious damage? Then Mages are perfect for you. Mages are master of spells especially when it comes to Fire and Frost. The knowledge of the black arts allows for them to attack from a range and be heavy damage dealers. They also have the ability to attack multiple targets at once and crowd control!


If you are the strong silent type then Soldier is right for you. The Soldier has the toughest class out there. Through constant punishment and exercise they have trained their bodies to endure pain and damage. They are the perfect class to protect their teammates when facing a strong opponent. In addition they can go on the offensive, with strong melee attacks they can chop down opponents the way sickle chops through grass.


Do you like being depended on, helping others, and throwing a little bit of hurt out there? A loyal servant of the faith, the Priest will always take care of his followers, whether through healing them or attacking evil demons. Through their healing they can keep their whole party alive through the worst situations, and through their knowledge of the shadows they can fight back against the most terrible of foes.


To be one with nature and use it against your opponent is the destiny of a Ranger. Extremely precise when it comes to shooting with bow and arrows and can deal a lot of damage. He can also support his team by transforming into a huge bear that can withstand blows and help tank for his party. Rangers are friends of nature, well rounded characters, powerful allies, and feared by enemies.

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