Dragon Born Game Information Guide

Dragon Born Game Information Guide by BabyBear

New Character Creation

When you first enter the game you will be prompted to create a new character. Here you can select your class, gender, name, and picture.

Each account can have 3 different characters. Just click the character you want to enter the game. If you want to switch, simply click on settings then quit game.

Character Movement

Not used to this type of game and trying to figure out how to move? Well this game comes with a great auto-run system. See below for more info.

Method 1: Move to a specific point.

Simply click on a specific point with your mouse to move to that location.

Method 2: Move to a NPC

Simply click on an NPC and your character will run to them and initiate a conversation if it allows.

Method 3: Click on the minimap

Click on any part of the minimap and your character will automatically run to that location.

Method 4: Auto-Path

When you are doing a quests or an event you can click on the link and you will run to that location or npc, regardless of distance.

Method 5: Region Map Movement

By clicking M you can bring up the Region Map, you can click anywhere on the map run to that location.


View Skills

Click on Skills from the menu bar or simply hit ‘P’.

How to study Skills

The higher your level the more skills you can learn. You must use skill books that drop form monsters to level up your skills. You can also get these books from quests.

Skill Use

Whenever you learn a new skill you they will automatically appear on your shortcut bar. You can either click on it or hit the corresponding bound key. Simply drag the skill to put it in another location.

In order to use a damage skill you must first click on an enemy. If it is a friendly skill then you must click on someone in your party before using.

How to get a Quest

There are multiple ways of getting a quest, first you can click on an NPC with a “!” over there head. You can click on “L” or open the quest menu for a list of available quests and click on a link to run to them automatically.

Dragon Born has 2 types of quests. Yellow which indicate a main storyline quest, or Blue which is a repeatable quest (some might be daily or hourly).

Quest that you are currently working on can be tracked in the panel on the right hand side. You can choose up to 5 to track at one time.

How to join a Party

Method 1 – Invite a player
Simply click on a player, then their picture and from the drop down menu invite them to your Party. When being invited a notice will appear over your skill bar.

Method 2 – Ask to join a Party.
Use the same method above but instead of inviting them to join your party you can apply for thiers. Only 5 characters per Party.

Method 3 – Join Automatically
On the menu bar click on find a party nearby to have a party automatically found for you. You can also join a party that is going into a instance by using the event menu.


After reaching level 15 you will be able to get your own mount. Which will add a whole new look to the game.

What if I lose my mount?
You can buy a new mount at Grocer Shalk (83, 43). He is located in Rehling City.

How to Upgrade and Level Up
The more you ride the more you experience you will get. When leveling up the mount itself there are very specific items that can be used to level them up. Once they reach a certain level you will be able to upgrade to a better mount. You can train riding from August (39,13) in Rehling City.

How to ride
You can ride your mount by clicking the mount button in the interface or by clicking x.

Key Bindings

In the system settings (located along the mini-map) you can change the key bindings. The defaults are as follows:


Potions and Infusers

There are two types of items that can boost your Mana and Health while in battle, they are potions and Infusers.

A.How to use potions.1.Open your bag and click on them once then select ‘Use’ or double click on them.
2.ake the item and drag it onto the shortcut bar where you can give it a hotkey or click on it.

B.How to use Infusers
These items are equipped and can be selected by clicking in the backpack or dragging them into their appropriate gear slot which is in the character screen. Please pay close attention to how many uses are left.

When using infusers you can set when they will automatically be used at a ceratin amount of lost life. On our player screen just simply slide the market to where you want them to kick in .

Other Items

Other items can be used by simply opening your backpack, clicking on them, then going to use. You can also use them by double clicking. Y


Information and Access Bar

Channel: Each server is separated into channels, if you can’t find your friend make sure your own the correct channel.
Location: Displays current name of location
Coordinates: Displays Current Coordinates.
Events: Click on the button to see all of the events.
Bonus EXP: click on the stopwatch to redeem bonus EXP.
Mail: Your mail can be reached from here.
Rankings: Click on the trophy button to see server rankings.
Auction House: Click on the mallet to buy and sell things with other players.
Battlefield: Click on the icon to sign up for a battlefield (PVP).
Find a GM: Click on the icon to send a message to a GM
Settings: Click to change key bindings, display items, and audio settings.
Tome: Feeling Stuck? Click on the Tome for what to do next.

Chat Window

Size: You can change the size of the window by click on the yellow arrow on the left hand side
Information: You can choose All for all of the channels or just choose a single channel, this is good for blocking out annoying chatters.
Sending info: In the very lower left hand corner you can choose the channel you want to send it to.
Items: Some items can be copied into chat by clicking the item and then selecting show in the menu.
Scroll Bar: On the right hand side you will see a scroll bar to see previous messages.

Chat Interface

In the lower left hand corner is your chat box. It is separated into Area, World, PM, Party, and Guild. In the very bottom left hand corner you can select which channel you would like to talk into. In addition you can send a private by typing a ‘/’ in front of the players name.

If you want to make the chat box bigger or minimize it, it can be done by clicking on the yellow arrow on the upper left hand corner of the chat box.

Finally if you are finding another player annoying the chat box can act as a filter. By clicking on the tabs at the top you will only see messages in that chat channel.

Quest Tracking Bar

Current Quests: You can track up to 5 current quests.
Description: You can see the status, get a brief description and run to the next target.
Hide/Show: You can hide or show this with the check mark in the upper right.
Available Quests: You can see what quests are available to you.

Skill Bar

Use with mouse or Keyboard: You can place skills in the bar by dragging them. Some places have corresponding keyboard shortcuts to use.
Lock: To avoid dragging buttons out of the bar you can hit the lock on the left hand side.
Extra Buttons: You can expand to another bar at the top by hitting the arrow on the right hand side.

Main Menu Items

Character (Char): Here you will have all your Stats, Gear, Talents, and Skills.
Bag: Full of all the items you are currently carrying.
Skills: A list of all your skills and professions.
Quests: All your quest information.
Mount: Level up your mount and check out all the different types you can get.
Craft: Make changes to gear, Alchemy, Cooking, and others.
Social: Find friends, party members, and Guild information here.
Shop: Buy special in-game items.
Training: In safe cities you can train your character to get EXP and Aura.
Recovery: Click to gain HP and MP
Party Finder: Look for other parties in your area.
Mount: Click to mount up.
Fishing: Click to go fishing.


After choosing a faction a player can create or join a Guild. Guilds have their own events and a lot of extras to the game. So band with your brothers (or sisters) and create one!

Join a Guild
1.Click on the Social interface to find the Guild interface.

2.After you select your faction you can join a guild based on their faction requirement and other requirements such as class or level.

Creating a Guild
1. To create a Guild simply go to Rehling City and find Lucas (16, 47). From there you can choose your Guild Name, Badge and Color. It costs 2 Gold to create a guild.

Guild Management
1. Here you can set the privileges, ranks, and different settings.

2. You can set condition for members who want to join your guild. When recruiting you can choose the classes and levels that can join your Guild.

3. You can view the latest information on players including their online status.

4. You can send Guild news and info.

5. Guild members can complete quests that contribute to the Guild. This increases Guild Tech and can give players lots of bonus’s such as buffs!


Fishing is a great sport and in this game has very unique advantages. Fishing can give you more aura, which can be used for the Bloodline.

Opening Time
Open 24 hours a day.

How to Fish
The fishing screen can be accessed via the fish button in the lower right hand corner above the menu bar. You can purchase a fishing pole and bait from the fishing interface itself or visit Dicke for a fishing pole and Little Kety for the bait.

The fish that you catch can be exchanged for goods and are also one of the best places to get Aura.


When you reach level 20 you can go into the main city of Rehling and seek out Duke Kassel (31,18) to pledge your allegiance to a faction.

In this game there are two factions, the Silverwing Knights and the Arcane Council. You can only pledge allegiance to one of them, and you will get their quests and be hostile to the other faction.

Factions are one of the foundations of the game, only after choosing one can you join a Guild and participate in certain events.

To change a faction it will cost a lot of gold, and you can only change if the other faction is at a disadvantage on the server.


In Dragon Born there is a lot to do, including a vast amount of events to participate in. In these events you can win experience, Aura, Gold, and many other prizes.

Where to find Events
The event icon is located in the upper right hand side of the screen next to the minimap. Click that and you will find tabs for each of the events. Simply click on one of the tabs to view the events and all of its details.

Simply click “Join Now” to participate in the event.

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