Dragon Born Game Features Guide

Dragon Born Game Features Guide by BabyBear

Event System

Perhaps one of the most unique and greatest features of Dragon Born is its events. In the upper right hand corner you will see what looks like a horn labeled Events. Upon opening that you will see all the events that Dragon Born currently has to offer.

Holiday Events
These include special events that are set up for seasons, such as Halloween or Christmas.

Daily Events
Quests that reset and sometimes changed daily, includes both solo tasks and some that are set up for your Guild.

Just as it says, events that are set up for your instances and a place where you can find a group.


Full of PVP events where you can earn a lot EXP and medals.

Way of Hero

Here you can win prizes for accomplishing certain in-game goals, like reaching a certain level.

World Boss

Defeat Bosses and win big!

Limited Packs
Meet the requirements and earn special packs full of goodies.

Instances and Battlefields

Instances are the place where you can get the best gear, skill books, books for reading, and other awesome items. Instances are extremely difficult so you will need a team. Each are has its own instances an adventures you will notice them as portals on the ground, and on the map you will see the boss’s headshot:

Another way of entering an Instance is through the Events screen. Just simply click on an event (if there is one available) and you will be whisked away to an instance. If you’re looking for teammates just simply click on the events screen, pick your class type, and the system will help find a group for you!

If you are a PVP’er and you’re looking for some action other than wandering around the map looking for players who appear red to you, you can quickly join Battlefields by clicking on the Battlefield tab in the Events screen. Each battlefield is only open during certain times throughout the day.  In battlefields you will be teamed up with players from the same faction and can receive great rewards like experience and tokens that can be traded for many good items such as gear!

Gears and Upgrades

The Gear System

Gear is one of the most important items in Dragon Born. While you will level up, increase
your skills, you will also need to get better gear and increase that gear. There are
multiple ways to get gear, the first is from NPC drops, the second is completing quests, and
finally you can get even better pieces of gear from instances.

The quality of gear is as follows:

Orange (Best)
White (Lowest)

Upgrading Gear

Upgrading your gear will add extra stars to it, which upgrade stats on the gear. Various
stones are requires for certain stars which include levels 1-3. 4-6, 7-9, 10-12. Each time
you upgrade is based on a success rate.

Smelting Gear

Smelting Gears gives you the opportunity to increase attributes on to your gear, the quality
of the attributes are the same colors as the gear.


Some items of gear have slots that Gems can be put into, these gems can increase your gear
even further. Each stone must match the corresponding slot.


The mount system is unlike any other as mounts can be leveled up, there are specific mounts for each class, and you can fight while mounted! Have a great mount is essential to moving around the map and succeed in Farom. The higher the mount the great you will become!

Each player, can level up their mounts by feeding it items. Leveling them up can give your mount better stats.

Upgrading is key to receiving better mounts. Upgrading your mount will change the look of the mount and offer better stats. In order to upgrade you mount you must level them up to the highest level and then use special items to upgrade them.

Ranger Mounts

Mage Mounts

Priest Mounts

Soldier Mounts

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