Divina Online Marriage System Guide

Divina Online Marriage System Guide by Lanie

One of Lucent Heart’s most reputable systems has it’s counterpart in Divina. Here again, you can also form those romantic connections with someone of interest (and they can be either gender, same as Lucent Heart).

To create a marriage, the two people must not already be in a relationship (an item from the cash shop is required for a Divorce, the Divorce Certificate). Then, using a wedding ring, two companions can become married.

To begin, right click on your destined love and click “Marriage”. After a ceremony, the window which appears will request the wedding ring to be dropped into it and after accepting the “Transaction”, the wedding will be official.

Happy Couples enjoy benefits such as the opportunity to gain additional exp in various activities together. You also gain a new ability (30min cooldown) to warp to your loved one at any time.

Beware, Divorcing can be a very expensive procedure, so make sure that the relationship you form is one which will forever hold true.

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