Divina Online Sorcerer Sub-Type Ability List

Divina Online Sorcerer Sub-Type Ability List by Lanie

((Notice: The names used for abilities are my own interpretation and are expected that they may match neither a direct translation of the Japanese names, nor what they will be after Localization. The names however were designed to be appropriate for what it appears to do from the wiki source. The accuracy of the translation of this list is also not guaranteed, so there may be errors in what each ability does. Additionally, remember that abilities and skills are not the same things, abilities are given by the Sub-Types for a class while skills are given by class, a new list of skills.))

Ability Rank (Points required at that rank)
Ability Name (Max Level of Ability): Description

A Description with something in “Quotes” refers to a class skill. This means this ability modifies a skill of that class. The skill name may not be correctly interpreted (See Notice Above). The use of | specifies the difference in effect for each ability level.


Rank 1 (0pt)
*Magical Expertise (4): “Energy Bomb”, “Frost Blast”, “Burning Flame”, and “Fire Bolt” Range up 4%|8%|12%|16%.
*Piercing Chill (4): “Frost Blast” Magic Attack up 8%|16%|24%|32%.
*Pressurize (3): Water Magic Critical Rate up 100|200|300.

Rank 2 (5pt)
*Blizzard (3): “Snowstorm” Magic Attack up 9%|18%|27%.
*Quick Ignition (3): “Burning Flame” Cast Time down 33%|66%|100%.
*Crushing Magic (3): Critical Damage with Magic up 10%|20%|30%.

Rank 3 (10pt)
*Burning Breath (1): “Burning Breath” Learned. Attack, 475% magic attack, Require’s “Burning Flame” State (30sec Cooldown, 32m Range, 74MP).
*Arctic Frost (5): “Frost Shield” MP Recovery up 10%|20%|30%|40%|50%.
*Time Slip (3): “Slow Time” Effect up 15%|30%|45%.

Rank 4 (20pt)
*Thermal Tempest (1): “Thermal Tempest” Learned. Support, Water/Fire Critical Rate up 15% which then reduce affected target’s Water/Fire resist, lasts 30 seconds (300sec Cooldown, 172mp).

Rank 5 (22pt)
*Harsh Flame (3): “Fire Bolt” Magic Attack up 25%|50%|75%.
*Ice Cage (2): “Frost Wind” Duration up 2|3 seconds, Effect up 10%|20%.
*Big Bang (3): “Fire Nova” Cooldown down 2|4|6 seconds.

Rank 6 (30pt)
*Meteor Shard (1): “Meteor Shard” Learned. Attack, 570% magic attack, while sustaining spell hp/mp recovery is negated and target is slowed and takes 20% magic attack per critical hit, lasts 30 seconds max (2sec Cast Time, 8sec Cooldown, 23m Range, 339mp).
*Volcano (4): “Lava Blast” Duration up 5|10|15|20 seconds.
*Magic Essence (3): “Seal Magic” Duration up 1|2|3 seconds.

Rank 7 (40pt)
*Vocal Fury (1): “Vocal Fury” Learned. Support, Instant Cast all Spells, lasts 30 seconds (0sec Cast Time, 300sec Cooldown, 505mp).

Rank 8 (42pt)
*Ash Embers (3): “Blazing Arrow” Cooldown down 3|6|9 seconds.
*Dragon’s Breath (3): “Vocal Fury” Cooldown down 30|60|90 seconds.
*Meteor Storm (3): “Meteor Shard” HP/MP Recovery up 10%|20%|30%.

Rank 9 (50pt)
*Blood Arrow (1): “Blood Arrow” Learned. Attack, Consumes 1000hp, 5 targets in 6m take 120%+1421 magic attack plus 473 unblockable magic attack/3sec for 12 seconds.

Rank 10 (52pt)
*Plasma Bolt (3): “Blood Arrow” Magic Attack up 10%|20%|30%.
*Molten Flame (3): “Lava Blast” Magic Attack per second up 100|200|500.


Rank 1 (0pt)
*Earth’s Secrets (4): “Rock Slide” Magic Attack up 12%|24%|36%|48%, Cast Time down 20%|40%|60%|80%.
*Lightning Rod (4): “Lightning Arrow” Magic Attack up 13%|26%|39%|48%.
*Requiem (3): Magic Accuracy up 100|200|300.

Rank 2 (5pt)
*Seismic Waves (3): “Earthquake” Effect up 10%|20%|30%.
*Polymorphism (3): “Mushroom Form”, “Bird Form”, and “Insect Form” Accuracy up 500|1000|1500, Duration up 3|6|9 seconds.
*Magical Instincts (3): Magic Evasion up 100|200|300.

Rank 3 (10pt)
*Amplify Magic (1): “Amplify Magic” Learned. Support, Magic Critical Rate up 500, 2% increased MP Recovery, lasts 60 seconds.
*Battle Rhythm (5): “Stone Shield” Cast Time down 2%|4%|6%|8%|10%.
*Sacred Wisdom (3): “Brilliancy” Effect up 15%|35%|55%.

Rank 4 (20pt)
*Typhoon Lance (1): “Typhoon Lance” Learned. Attack, 228%+219 magic attack in a 12m line through the target (300sec Cooldown, 18m range, 216mp).
*Electrify (2): “Chain Lightning” Cooldown down 3|6 seconds.

Rank 5 (22pt)
*Mana Spring (2): “Revelation” MP Recovery up 25%|50%.
*Energy Management (2): “Energy Shield” Damage Absorption up 15%|30%.
*Nature’s Melody (2): “Nature’s Song” Effect up 20%|40%, Duration up 10%|20%.

Rank 6 (30pt)
*Electric Pulse (1): “Electric Pulse” Learned. Attack, 380% magic attack, 6m area/5 targets focused on self, 3 second stun.
*Deep Sleep (4): “Dream Mist” Duration up 1|2|3|4 seconds.
*Control Magic (3): “Elemental Barrier” effect up 10%|20%|30%.

Rank 7 (40pt)
*Ice Fragmentation (1): “Ice Fragmentation” Learned. Attack, 95% magic attack with half physical damage, 10m area/8 targets, Movement Speed down 450, Lasts 6 seconds (0sec Cast Time, 180sec Cooldown, 10m Range, 505mp).

Rank 8 (42pt)
*Whirlwind Barrier (3): “Windstorm Protector” Effect up 10%|20%|30%.
*Glyphic Field (3): “Ice Fragmentation” Movement Speed down 30|60|90.
*Wind Blades (3): “Typhoon Lance” Cooldown down 30|60|90 seconds.

Rank 9 (50pt)
*Winter Grip (1): “Winter Grip” Learned. Attack, 152% magic attack, Freezes Target, Lasts 12 seconds.

Rank 10 (52pt)
*Seasonal Winds (3): “Winter Grip” Cooldown down 30|60|150 seconds.
*Persistent Sparks (3): “Sap Strenght” Duration extended 1|2|3 seconds.

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