Divina Online Beginner’s Map Walkthrough

Divina Online Beginner’s Map Walkthrough by Lanie

After you’ve finally got a character and are ready to begin, here’s a few jump start steps to let people know exactly what to do, at least for the tutorial maps. If I get bored enough, I’ll make a sequel…

~Level 1
*Once begun, move to Orwell (19,12) and pick up his quests. He will wish to talk with you for three quests.
*After receiving Orwell’s third quest, move to Teddy (19,12) who is nearby. He will talk over two more quests.
*After receiving Teddy’s second quest, move to Mir (20,09). Mir will ask you to deal with 5 level 1 Black Fish-like creatures with glowing green tails in the nearby field map.

~Level 2
*Once ready, move to Abel (20,07) for a new quest, although it will just be another conversation.
*Bella (21,07) will request the player to find her child Jerez in the field (22,27).

~Level 3
*Jerez will request 3 items from some Black Mushrooms (L3) which have bunny ears.
*Clarise will also be in the field (20,20) and will send you back to town to see Orwell (19,12).
*Orwell will return you to Clarise, but you have 3 minutes to complete this quest.

~Level 4
*Abel (20,07) will send you to the field to hunt more Mushrooms for 5 items and give them to Alto also in the field (21,23).
*Clarise in the field (20,20) will send you to an old tree (25,21) to hunt some birds (L5) for 5 items and pop 5 bubbles in the lake in the middle of the field.
*The old tree in the field will return you to Clarise.

~Level 5
*One of the birds in the field will drop a quest starting item, sending you to Alto in the field (21,23).
*Jerez in the field (22,27) will finally return you to Bella (21,07).
*Clarice (14,15) will want to talk with you for a quest.

~Level 6
*Orwell (19,12) will send you out to hunt 5 chickens from birds in the field and bring them to Hume in the field (13,18).
*Hume will then want you to bring him 5 fish from the fishy soldiers (L8).

~Level 7
*Linda in the field (13,18) will want you to go find Peter (12,12).
*Orwell (19,12) will have another chat with you.
*Able (20,07) will send you back out to see Linda in the field (13,18).

~Level 8
*Linda will request you to hunt 7 dark worms (L9) for her.

~Level 9
*Linda will also request you to hunt 4 more items from sharkmen (L10) for her.
*D’Yurito in the field (10,19) will also want you to find an item for linda from the above sharkmen.

~Level 10
*Alto in the field (21,23) will send you to chat with Orwell (19,12). He will chat through a few quests and eventually send you to Shanuo (14,13).
*Clarise (14,15) will have a chat with you for a few quests, one sending you directly to a new area (ending the tutorial).

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