Divina Online Sorcerer Skills List

Divina Online Sorcerer Skills List by Lanie

((Notice: The names used for skills are my own interpretation and are expected that they may match neither a direct translation of the Japanese names, nor what they will be after Localization. The names however were designed to be appropriate for what it appears to do from the wiki source. The accuracy of the translation of this list is also not guaranteed, so there may be errors in what each skill does. Additionally, remember that abilities and skills are not the same things, abilities are given by the Sub-Types for a class while skills are given by class, a new list of skills.))

Skill Category
Skill Name (Max Skill Levels): Description

Descriptions will detail all skills as a range based on the highest and lowest skill level only. This is done using the format “lowest|highest”. Descriptions include variables such as Type (the Subtype the skill gets abilities for), Elemental/Weapon, Level (Available) Min|Max, MP Cost Min|Max, Cast Time (if any), Range, Duration (if any), Cooldown, Price Min|Max, and has the Skill Effect Details on a new line. Usable Abilities are not included in this Skill List as such is fully defined in the Ability List.

Categories: Attack Skills list any skill or spell dealing a direct attack to the enemy. Effect Skills are situational skills or spells which do things like set traps/devices or debuff enemies. Benefit skills are the variety of healing and buff skills and spells which directly improve player performance. Passive Skills are Skills which do not need to be used to gain benefit of that skill.

Attack Skills

*Burning Flame (14): Destroyer, Fire, Lv1|105, 5|333mp, 1.5s Cast, 20m, 12s Duration, 0.6s Cool, 0|641,170 Cost.
Deals 14|492 Magic Damage with 52% +19|659 Damage/3s, Cast Time down 100% when Burning Breath is learned.

*Energy Bomb (14): Destroyer, Wind, Lv1|105, 8|???mp, 2s Cast, 20m, 0.6s Cool, 0|641,170 Cost.
Deals 190% +48|1642 Magic Damage.

*Rockslide (14): Mystic, Earth, Lv3|107, 9|???mp, 1.2s Cast, 3.5m, 0.6s Cool, 120|668,670 Cost.
Deals 132% +19|529 Magic Damage.

*Frost Blast (14): Destroyer, Water, Lv 3|108, 16|644mp, 4s Cast, 20m, 0.6s Cool, 120|668,670 Cost.
Deals 54% +28|757 Magic Damage, Cause Slow Effect, Damage occurs while casting.

*Snowstorm (13): Destroyer, Water, Lv 7|103, 142|3424mp, 6s Cast, 6m, 0.6s Cool, 260|614,710 Cost.
Deals 11% +59|953 Magic Proximity Damage, 5 targets max.

*Lightning Bolt (13): Mystic, Wind, Lv 13|109, 37|???mp, 2s Cast, 23m, 0.6s Cool, 1,380|697,250 Cost.
Deals 108% +193|2200 Magic Damage.

*Earthquake (12): Mystic, Earth, Lv 15|103, 256|????mp, 5s Cast, 18m, 0.6s Cool, 2,120|614,710 Cost.
Deals 29% +77|710 Magic Proximity Damage, 5 targetx max, Cause Slow Effect.

*Fire Bolt (10): Destroyer, Fire, Lv 37|109, 101|463mp, 2s Cast, 20m, 8s Cool, 26,290|697,250 Cost.
Deals 172% +527|2273 Magic Damage.

*Frost Wind (9): Destroyer, Water, Lv 43|107, 273|????mp, 1.5s Cast, 5m, 3s Duration, 60s Cool, 41,360|668,670 Cost.
Deals 6|40% +32|829 Magic Proximity Damage, 5 targets max, Cause Freeze (Physical Defense down 195|459).

*Inferno (5): Destroyer, Fire, Lv 45|109, 145|441mp, 6s Cast, 23m, 60s Cool, 47,680|697,250 Cost.
Deals 399% +1067|3673 Magic Damage.

*Chain Lightning (8): Mystic, Wind, Lv 51|107, 343|????mp, 15m, 7s Cool, 71,510|668,670 Cost.
Deals 61% +185|528 Magic Area (8m) Damage, 5 targets max, damage is dealt in a pattern doing 10% less damage each hit.

*Fire Nova (7): Destroyer, Fire, Lv 55|103, 419|????mp, 6m, 6.7s Cool, 92,390|614,710 +Spellbook Cost.
Deals 32% +324|791 Magic Proximity Damage, 5 targets max.

*Lava Blast (4): Destroyer, Fire, Lv 79|103, 465|749mp, 2s Cast, 23m, 20s Duration, 12s Cool, 374,090|614,710 Cost.
Deals 143% +787|1187 Magic Attack with 36% +195|294 Earth Damage/5s.

*Blazing Arrow (1): Destroyer, Fire, Lv 107, 691mp, 2s Cast, 23m, 60s Cool, 668,670 +Spellbook Cost.
Deals 209% +1863 Magic Defense Penetrating Damage.

Effect Skills

*Teleport (1): Neutral, Wind, Lv 17, 96mp, 20m, 35s Cool, 3,030 Cost.
Warp to Area.

*Mushroom Form (1): Mystic, Earth, Lv 17, 192mp, 3s Cast, 23m, 15s Duration, 12s Cool, 3,030 Cost.
Cause Transformation, Mushroom Heals 8% HP/s, Activates Cooldown for Bird Form and Insect Form.

*Create Crystal (12): Neutral, Water, Lv 19|107, 161|1488mp, 5s Cast, 2hr Duration, 10min Cool, 4,130|668,670 Cost.
Create Magic Crystal (Item). Heals 512|4454mp.

*Slow Time (6): Destroyer, Earth, Lv 23|73, 52|233mp, 23m, 10s Duration, 5s Cool, 6,950|267,920 Cost.
Move Speed down 50|108.

*Confusion (7): Neutral, Earth, Lv 31|103, 73|???mp, 23m, 10s Duration, 5s Cool, 15,810|614,710 Cost.
Cast Time up 12|36%.

*Seal Magic (1): Destroyer, Lv 47, 122mp, 23m, 5s Duration, 30s Cool, 54,750 Cost.
Prevents Elemental Skill/Spell Usage.

*Bird Form (1): Mystic, Earth, Lv 63, 232mp, 3s Cast, 23m, 15s Duration, 12s Cool, 150,490 Cost.
Cause Transformation, Bird Heals 8% HP/s, Activates Cooldown for Mushroom Form and Insect Form.

*Dream Mist (1): Mystic, Water, Lv 63, 1162mp, 3s Cast, 6m, 8s Duration, 5min Cool, 150,490 +Spellbook Cost.
Cause Sleep, 5 targets max, Sleeping target Heals 10% of max HP/MP each 2s.

*Insect Form (1): Mystic, Earth, Lv 79, 252mp, 3s Cast, 23m, 15s Duration, 12s Cool, 374,090 Cost.
Cause Transformation, Insect Heals 8% HP/s, Activates Cooldown for Mushroom Form and Bird Form.

*Sap Strength (3): Mystic, Water, Lv87|107, ???|???mp, ??m, 3min Duration, ??s Cool, 436,390|668,670 +Spellbook Cost.
Physical Attack down 50|150, 40% success, valid only on a single non-boss target at a time.

Benefit Skills

*Stone Shield (11): Mystic, Earth, Lv 5|105, 70|2221mp, 30min Duration, 0.6s Cool, 160|641,170 Cost.
Cast Speed up 2|22%, Physical Attacker recieves MP Damage, Prohibits Frost Shield and Windstorm Protector.

*Brilliancy (9): Mystic, Water, Lv 21|101, 143|1019mp, 15m, 30min Duration, 0.6s Cool, 5,420|589,260 Cost.
Int up 6|42.

*Purify (6): Neutral, Earth, Lv 25|105, 28|222mp, 23m, 0.6s Cool, 872|641,170 Cost.
Remove Debuffs on Target based on skill level.

*Revelation (8): Mystic, Water, Lv 35|105, 0mp, 15s Cast, 900s, 22,360|641,170 Cost.
Heal 240|1090 MP, Healing Occurs 10 times while casting.

*Frost Shield (7): Destroyer, Water, Lv 41|101, 514|2061mp, 30min Duration, 0.6s Cool, 35,740|589,260 +Spellbook Cost.
MP Recovery up 18|41, Physical Attacker recieves Slow Effect, Prohibits Stone Shield and Windstorm Protector.

*Energy Shield (6): Mystic, Earth, Lv 57|107, 601|????mp, 15s Duration, 30s Cool, 104,670|668,670 Cost.
Absorb 1153|3290 Magic Damage.

*Nature’s Song (6): Mystic, Wind, Lv 59|109, 210|????mp, 15s Duration, 5min Cool, 118,350|697,250 Cost.
Magic Attack up 53|130.

*Elemental Barrier (5): Mystic, Earth, Lv 65|105, 487|1110mp, 30min Duration, 0.6s Cool, 169,320|641,170 Cost.
Magic Defense up 1000|1793.

*Insightful Wisdom (3): Neutral, Water, Lv 71|103, 1118|2140mp, 45min Duration, 0.6s Cool, 239,280|614,710 Cost.
Proximity Int up 26|44

*Windstorm Protector (2): Mystic, Wind, Lv 97|107, ????|????mp, 30min Duration, 0.6s Cool, 541,220|668,670 +Spellbook Cost.
Critical Defense up 3|6%, Physical Attacker Pushed Back 5m, Prohibits Stone Shield and Frost Shield.

Passive Skills

*Sorcerer’s Lore (19): Lv 1|109, 0|697,250 Cost.
HP Recovery up 2|59, MP Recovery up 4|107.

*Well of Mana (11): Lv 5|105, 160|641,170 Cost.
MP up 39|1400.

*Adaptation (14): Lv 27|105, 10,770|641,170 Cost.
Magic Critical Damage recieved down 4|17%.

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