Divina Online Companion System Guide

Divina Online Companion System Guide by Lanie

After two people become “friends” by mutually adding each other to their friends list, they can gain companionship bonuses by working together (Require level 28 Quest “Companionship”).

To improve Companion Levels (CL), the two people must be in a party (works for every member in the party at the time), and both must be fighting together. Then they gauge will automatically increase overtime (1% per minute at CL0), and once filled the relations between the two friends will gain a level (gauge rate is reduced per companion level, CL1 is 0.5% per minute). While those Companions are NOT fighting together, the gauge will (very slowly) drain away. The two companions MUST be “In Combat” for the gauge to increase and must be fighting in the general area of each other.

Gauge Rates:
*CL0: 1%/min, 1hr 40min.
*CL1: 0.5%/min, 3hr 20min.
*CL2: 0.2%/min, 8hr 20min.
*CL3: 0.083%/min, 20hr.
*CL4: 0.05%/min, 33hr 20min.
*CL5: 0.033%/min, 50hr.
*CL6: Maximum Level.

Companion Quests: Certain Quests require you to have a specific CL to complete the quests, occurring every 10 levels starting at level 30.

It’s uncertain if CL offers any other benefits at this time.

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