Divina Online Knight Sub-Type Abilities List

Divina Online Knight Sub-Type Abilities List by Lanie

((Notice: The names used for abilities are my own interpretation and are expected that they may match neither a direct translation of the Japanese names, nor what they will be after Localization. The names however were designed to be appropriate for what it appears to do from the wiki source. The accuracy of the translation of this list is also not guaranteed, so there may be errors in what each ability does. Additionally, remember that abilities and skills are not the same things, abilities are given by the Sub-Types for a class while skills are given by class, a new list of skills.))

Ability Rank (Points required at that rank)
Ability Name (Max Level of Ability): Description

A Description with something in “Quotes” refers to a class skill. This means this ability modifies a skill of that class. The skill name may not be correctly interpreted (See Notice Above). The use of | specifies the difference in effect for each ability level.


Rank 1 (0pt)
*Power Wave (2): “Shield Attack” Damage up 10%|20%, Faint Duration extended 1|2 seconds.
*Tactical Control (3): “Painful Strike” Damage up 15%|30%|45%, Hate up 40%|80%|12%.
*Combat Expertise (3): Physical Evasion up 100|200|300.

Rank 2 (5pt)
*Iron Defense (4): Physical Defense up 13%|26%|39%|52%.
*Preparation (3): “Angry Blow” MP Cost down 15%|30%|45%.
*Intimidation Expertise (2): “Ridicule” Cooldown down 15|30 seconds, Hate up 20%|40%.

Rank 3 (10pt)
*Life Spirit (1): “Life Spirit” Learned. Summon (15min duration), Heal owner when attacked (30min Cooldown, 146mp).
*Templar Guard (3): Skill Training up 40%|80%|120%.
*Negative Emotion (3): “Provocation” Hate up 10%|20%|30%, Cooldown down 2|4|6 seconds.

Rank 4 (20pt)
*Life Ring (1): “Life Ring” Learned. Healing, Heal 30%HP + 2%/3sec for 30 seconds, only while HP below 50% (15min Cooldown, 50mp).

Rank 5 (22pt)
*Royal Guard (2): “Guarding” Cooldown down 10|20 seconds, Effective Area up 10%|20%.
*Vengeance (3): “True Fury” Physical Attack up 13%|26%|39%, Cooldown down 5|10|15 seconds.
*Flesh Wound (2): “Silencing” Duration up 1|2 seconds.

Rank 6 (30pt)
*Holy Shield (1): “Holy Shield” Learned. Support, Physical/Magical Defense up 7000, Block Rate up 50%, Prohibit Healing, lasts 15 seconds.
*Intent Focus (5): “Iron Will” Duration up 1|2|3|4|5 seconds.
*Leadership (5): “Invigorate” Duration up 5|10|15|20|25 seconds.

Rank 7 (40pt)
*Solid Defense (1): “Solid Defense” Learned. Support, Critical Defense up 10%, Blocked Damage down 50%, lasts 30 seconds.

Rank 8 (42pt)
*Aerial Force (2): “Sky Crusher” Duration up 1|2 seconds, Cooldown down 3|6 seconds.
*Forcefield (3): “Anti-magic Barrier” Duration up 1|2|3 seconds, Cooldown down 5|10|15 seconds.
*Steel Defense (3): “Solid Defense” Cooldown down 30|60|90 seconds.

Rank 9 (50pt)
*Demon Armor (1): “Demon Armor” Learned. Support, Absorb Physical/Magical Damage 2000 for 15 seconds, may heal 300hp when attacked.

Rank 10 (52pt)
*Ultimate Shield (3): “Holy Shield” Damage Absorption up 200|400|600.
*Demon Trance (3): “Solid Defense” Damage Absorption up 200|400|600.


Rank 1 (0pt)
*Power Charge (5): “Slashing” Physical Attack up 6%|12%|18%|24%|30%.
*Pressure (5): “Guard Crush” Physical Attack up 7%|14%|21%|28%|35%.
*Morale (3): Critical Damage up 4%|8%|12%.

Rank 2 (5pt)
*War Plan (3): “Attack Formation” effect up 20%|40%|60%.
*Solid Strike (3): “Puncturing” effect up 35%|70%|105%.
*Sharpen Blade (3): “Seeker Strike” Physical Attack up 8%|16%|24%, Slow Effect up 15%|30%|45%.

Rank 3 (10pt)
*Ripper Blade (1): “Ripper Blade” Learned. Attack, 257% attack power (12s Cooldown, 1.8m Range, 73mp).
*Subjugations (3): “Sonic Dash” Physical Attack up 12%|24%|36% and 200|400|600.
*Velocity (3): “Chaser” Physical Attack up 12%|24%|36%.

Rank 4 (20pt)
*Domination (1): “Domination” Learned. Support, Critical Power up 10,000 for 8 seconds.

Rank 5 (22pt)
*Airstream (3): “Whirlwind” Physical Attack up 6%|12%|18%, Area up 10%|20%|30%.
*Divider (3): “Earth Splitter” Physical Attack up 7%|14%|21%, Cooldown down 2|4|6 seconds.
*Power Weight (3): “Heavy Blow” Physical Attack up 15%|30%|45%.

Rank 6 (30pt)
*Earth’s Wrath (1): “Earth’s Wrath” Learned. Attack, 58%+412 attack power, 6m area, 4 second stun.
*Stand Firm (3): “Counter Stance” Duration up 1|2|3 seconds.
*Vanguard (3): “Close Combat” Duration up 1|2|3 seconds.

Rank 7 (40pt)
*Atomic Force (1): “Atomic Force” Learned. Support, Attack Power up based on Strx2, Movement Speed up 100, lasts 30 seconds.

Rank 8 (42pt)
*Heroic Will (2): “Demonic Edge” Physical Attack up 8%|16%.
*Berserk (3): “Earth’s Wrath” Cooldown down 30|60|90 seconds.
*Titan’s Arm (3): “Atomic Force” Cooldown down 30|60|90 seconds.

Rank 9 (50pt)
*Demon Slash (1): “Demon Slash” Learned. Attack, (str+2092)x3 attack power.

Rank 10 (52pt)
*Battle Trance (3): “Ripper Blade” Damage up 10%|20%|30%.
*Speed Slash (3): “Demon Slash” Cooldown down 4|8|12 seconds.

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