Divina Online Machinist Skills List

Divina Online Machinist Skills List by Lanie

((Notice: The names used for skills are my own interpretation and are expected that they may match neither a direct translation of the Japanese names, nor what they will be after Localization. The names however were designed to be appropriate for what it appears to do from the wiki source. The accuracy of the translation of this list is also not guaranteed, so there may be errors in what each skill does. Additionally, remember that abilities and skills are not the same things, abilities are given by the Sub-Types for a class while skills are given by class, a new list of skills.))

Skill Category
Skill Name (Max Skill Levels): Description

Descriptions will detail all skills as a range based on the highest and lowest skill level only. This is done using the format “lowest|highest”. Descriptions include variables such as Type (the Subtype the skill gets abilities for), Elemental/Weapon, Level (Available) Min|Max, MP Cost Min|Max, Cast Time (if any), Range, Duration (if any), Cooldown, Price Min|Max, and has the Skill Effect Details on a new line. Usable Abilities are not included in this Skill List as such is fully defined in the Ability List.

Categories: Attack Skills list any skill or spell dealing a direct attack to the enemy. Effect Skills are situational skills or spells which do things like set traps/devices or debuff enemies. Benefit skills are the variety of healing and buff skills and spells which directly improve player performance. Passive Skills are Skills which do not need to be used to gain benefit of that skill.

Attack Skills

*Power Shot (16): Artillery, Lv 1|125, 6|???mp, 25m, 0.6s Cool, 0|1,013,350 Cost.
Deals 100% +11|843 Physical Damage.

*Cannon Shot (14): Artillery, Lv 1|105, 7|???mp, 1.5m, 6s Duration, 30s Cool, 0|660,480 Cost.
Deals 33% +11|627 Physical Damage, Move Speed down 100.

*Bullet Wound (16): Artillery, Lv 3|127, 10|???mp, 25m, 12s, 0.6s Cool, 120|1,055,390 Cost.
Deals 92% Physical Damage with 18|973 Damage/3s.

*Twin Fire (15): Artillery, Lv 13|125, 35|???mp, 25m, 8s Cool, 1340|1,013,350 Cost.
Deals 69% +125|2093 Physical Damage, Consumes 2 Rounds.

*Shotgun Blast (12): Artillery, Lv 15|103, 40|???mp, 25m, 8s Cool, 2,070|633,220 Cost.
Deals 46% +117|1205 Physical Area (4m) Damage, Damage Reduced 20% per Target.

*Stun Shot (11): Artillery, Lv 23|103, 69|???mp, 25m, 3s Duration, 6,770|633,220 Cost.
Deals 17% +126|857 Physical Damage, Cause Stun.

*Bullet Storm (10): Artillery, Lv 31|103, 129|????mp, 4s Cast, 25m, 0.6s Cool, 15,410|633,220 Cost.
Deals 67% +327|1638 Physical Proximity Damage, 5 targets max.

*R-Zero Shell (9): Artillery, Lv 41|105, 75|???mp, 1.5m, 60s Cool, 34,820|660,480 +Skillbook Cost.
Deals 42% +383|1444 Physical Damage, Push Back 8m.

*Hate Shot (8): Artillery, Lv 63|121, 218|???mp, 25m, 4s Duration, 3min Cool, 146,630|933,880 Cost.
Deals 32% +948|2637 Physical Damage, Guarentee Hate.

*Missile Barrage (5): Artillery, Lv 87|123, 226|???mp, 1.5s Cast, 25m, 8s Cool, 449,520|972,870 +Skillbook Cost.
Deals 100% +650|1172 Physical Area (4m) Damage, 3 targets max.

*Remote Bomb (4): Mechanical, Lv 97|125, ???|???mp, ?s Cast, ??m, ??sec Cool, 557,520|1,013,350 +Skillbook Cost.
Deals 27% +453|710 Physical Area (6m) Damage, 5 targets max, Must target a trap.

*Laser Cannon (2): Artillery, Lv 107|121, ???mp, ?s Cast, ??m, 10s Duration, 60s Cool, 688,800|933,880 +Skillbook Cost.
Deals 124% +1088|1356 Physical Damage, Move Speed down 490|590.

*Endless Pain (1): Artillery, Lv 129, 502mp, 2s Cast, 25m, 3min Cool, 1,099,040 +Skillbook Cost.
Deals Dex+9 +770 Additional Physical Damage, Can not Miss.

Effect Skills

*Landmine (12): Mechanical, Lv 3|91, 6|???mp, 3s Cast, ?m, 3min Duration, 0.6s Cool, 120|490,180 Cost.
Sets Trap without Parts, 3 trap limit, Deals 65|1410 Physical Damage, 4 targets max.

*Create Machinery (1): Neutral, Lv 7, 52mp, 2s Cast, 0.6s Cool, 260 Cost.
Create 10 Device Parts, Costs 1 Special Metal Piece.

*Venom Trap (11): Mechanical, Lv 7|87, 10|156mp, 1.7s Cast, ?m, 1min Duration, 10s Cool, 260|449,520 Cost.
Sets Trap, 1 trap limit, Deals ???|???? Water Damage/3s, 5 targets max, 12s Effect.

*Blast Mine (10): Mechanical, Lv 21|93, 28|207mp, 1,7s Cast, ?m, 1min Duration, 10s Cool, 5,290|511,750 Cost.
Sets Trap, 1 trap limit, Deals ???|???? Fire Damage, 5 targets max.

*Freeze Trap (6): Mechanical, Lv 35|85, 49|???mp, 1.7s Cast, ?m, 1min Duration, 10s Cool, 21,780|430,370 Cost.
Sets Trap, 1 trap limit, Cause Slow Effect, 5 targets max, 12s Effect.

*Pulse Trap (1): Mechanical, Lv 43, 64mp, 1.7s Cast, ?m, 1min Duration, 10s Cool, 40,300 Cost.
Sets Trap, 1 trap limit, Cause Stun, 1 target max, 2s Effect.

*Charge Energy (9): Artillery, Lv 45|129, 85|???mp, 30s Duration, 5min Cool, 46,450|1,099,040 Cost.
Crit Rate down 2000, Heal 90|475 MP/3s.

*Smoke Trap (3): Mechanical, Lv 57|77, 94|???mp, 1.7s Cast, ?m, 1min Duration, 10s Cool, 101,980|326,360 Cost.
Sets Trap, 1 trap limit, Cause Blind, 5 targets max, ??s Effect.

*Energy Station (1): Mechanical, Lv 65, 200mp, 8m, 10s Duration, 10min Cool, 164,960 Cost.
Sets Station, Heals 20% MP/2s, 5 targets max.

*Create Ammunition (1): Neutral, Lv 71, 1151mp, 8s Cast, 0.6s Cool, 233,120 Cost.
Create 200 Cannon Rounds, Costs 24 Special Metal Pieces.

*Calming Station (1): Mechanical, Lv 79, 273mp, 1.5s Cool, 5m, 20s Duration, 5min Cool, 364,470 Cost.
Sets Station, Hate down 25%.

*Detonator (1): Mechanical, Lv 97, 842mp, ??m, 30s Cool, 557,520 Cost.
Activates Trap, 5 targets max.

*Claymore Mine (1): Mechanical, Lv 119, 0mp, 0.8s Cast, ?m, 1min Duration, 2min Cool, 893,340 +Skillbook Cost.
Sets Trap, 1 trap limit, Negate Attack/Defense, ??s Effect.

Benefit Skills

*Accelerator (9): Neutral, Lv 5|85, 20|???mp, 60s Duration, 4min Cool, 160|430,370 Cost.
Attack Speed up 15|23%.

*Regeneration Field (8): Mechanical, Lv 17|87, 0mp, 20m, 0.6s Cool, 2,950|449,520 Cost.
Assign Mechanical Field, Proximity HP/MP Recovery up 10|47, Overrides other Mechanical Fields.

*Silent Fire (5): Neutral, Lv 19|83, 50|???mp, 30s Duration, 3min Cool, 4,020|411,970 Cost.
Hate down 20|40%.

*Rage Amplification (7): Mechanical, Lv 25|123, 67|???mp, 15s Duration, 90s Cool, 8,500|972,870 Cost.
Physical Critical Damage up 5|35%.

*Magnetic Field (9): Mechanical, Lv 37|119, 0mp, 20m, 0.6s Cool, 25,620|896,340 Cost.
Assign Mechanical Field, Proximity Physical Critical Damage up 8|24%, Overrides other Mechanical Fields.

*Electric Field (5): Mechanical, Lv 47|87, 0mp, 20m, 0.6s Cool, 53,340|449,520 Cost.
Assign Mechanical Field, Proximity Magic Critical Damage up 10|18%, Overrides other Mechanical Fields.

*Weak Point Scanning (4): Artillery, Lv 51|81, 201|???mp, 20s Duration, 5min Cool, 69,670|394,300 Cost.
Critical Rate up 700|1200.

*Distortion Field (3): Mechanical, Lv 55|75, 0mp, 20m, 0.6s Cool, 90,020|292,000 +Skillbook Cost.
Assign Mechanical Field, Proximity Evasion up 300|500, Overrides other Mechanical Fields.

*Stasis Shield (3): Mechanical, Lv 59|111, 372|???mp, 5s Duration, 5min Cool, 115,300|759,670 Cost.
Prohibits Attacking, Absorb 10000|30000 Damage.

Passive Skills

*Machinist’s Talent (22): Lv 1|127, 0|1,055,390 Cost.
HP/MP Recovery up 3|96.

*Sharp Sight (8): Lv 5|75, 160|292,000 Cost.
Physical Accuracy up 20|370.

*Sentinel (11): Lv 27|87, 10,490|449,520 Cost.
All Critical Damage recieved down 2|7%.

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