Carte Online TCG Blue Beginner Deck (Archan Union) Guide

Carte Online TCG Blue Beginner Deck (Archan Union) Guide by Trancequility

I saw many posts here already about how to build top tier decks, but I was missing a post about how to construct a reasonable beginners deck that you will still be able to win tourneys with. Currently i’ve won 1 of the 2 tourneys i’ve participated in with this deck.

For the 20k we got in the beginning i bought the 15k blue deck with the hero “The Moonshadow” in it. This is just to get a basic deck that will be able to still to compete against competitive decks out there.

This guide is meant for beginners, who just buy there first deck, and don’t have any coins/real cash to spent on immediately getting a deck with loads of rare cards.

As your Hero i would suggest either of of the following 2 Heroes:

Melina Emmons. Her deal 1 dmg to all creatures on the opponents attack zone has made me wins games many times. It’s a great skill to use when the opponent is spamming many creatures with 1 HP, or just has a lot of creatures left with 1 HP left.

The Moonshadow. I mainly use his skill “Draw 1 card” or “Give Stealth 2 to this Hero, and put 1 ‘Dagger of Mage’ in your item zone.

The draw skill is obvious, many times you will find yourself without any creatures in your hand anymore, or needing just that 1 extra card to get done whatever you need to do. That skill can help your greatly in those situations.

The other one gives you an item in your item zone, which you can use to attack your enemy. It only does one damage, which i agree with you on isnt that great. But many times you will have 1 creature in your attack zone, and the opponent one creature in their defence zone. When you have a creature with 3 attack for example, and the defending creature is only 1/1, then you would have to waste that 3 attack, just for that pesky 1/1 creature. When you let your Hero attack it however, it will take 1 dmg, but it will free the way for your creature to attack the opponents hero directly. This way you will be trading 1 dmg on you, for 3 dmg on him.

The other advantage this gives you is a creature advantage. Yes, you will be sacrificing a bit of your own life for it, but trust me it’s worth it. After you’ve played a couple of games you will notice that at some point in the game you and your opponent will start to run out of cards to summon. One way to avoid this yourself is by having card that allow u to draw new cards. Another way is by making the enemy run out of cards before you do. Another way of doing this is by using less cards to kill his creatures, than he needs to kill yours. That way he will be in the position of being able to summon max 1 creature per turn (if he draws one) and you if you still have 4 orso in your hand many more. This will allow you to take control of the game, without him being able to do much about it. This can be achieved by killing of weak creatures with your Hero, sacrificing a few Hp points for it, but being able to take control of the board for it, and defeating your opponent with it too.

For real beginners without much knowledge of the game i would suggest to use Melina Emmons first. She is already in your starting deck, and even though she is basic, is still very, very good. And involves less advanced tactics as The Moonshadow does.

Now as i deck i use the following:

Melina Emmons / The Moonshadow

4x Devotee of Mia * (Useful in the case you start 2nd)
3x Apprentice Witch **
1x Golem Summoner **
2x Philosopher **
2x Alchemist ***
1x Otherside Looter ***
3x Undine ***
3x Master of Mind ****
2x Mystical Scholar ****
2x Rogue Mage ****
3x Aquamancer *****
3x Pyromancer *****
1x Eye of Truthseeker *****

3x Fire Bolt *
4x Flame Blast **
2x Ice Blast *****
2x Scream of Ghost ***** (Kaideron Union card)

19x Wisdom

The Fool
The Hermit
The High Priestess
The Lovers

Ways to improve the deck:

My personal suggestion would be to buy the 60k starter deck next. Yes, you indeed will get many useless cards that you wont need from it. But comparing what you gain from it, by what you could gain from buying 4 boosters for the same price this 60k deck offers you a lot.

The cards you could include after buying that deck as well are:

2x Hand of Mia ***
2x Steam Armored Car ***
2x Chimera No.42 ****
2x Moonshadow Slaughterer *****
1x Double Agent ******

2x Explosive Cloud *

2x Gemstone of Impulse

When you start buying boosters, cards to look out for which would be great to include in your deck are:

Astronomer *****

Dual Casting ***
Volcanic Eruption ****
Extermination ***** (Saike union card)

This isn’t meant as a top tier deck, but meant for the beginners here. I’ve only played 2 tourneys so far. The first one i got defeated in the 1st match by some korean guy with insanely good card. I still managed to do quite well, but he beated me in the end. The second tourney i played though i was up against a blue, green and black deck, and beated all 3 (which all had much more rares than me) and won the tourney. For me atleast, this deck seems to work very well. And you only need the 15.000 for it to buy a beginner deck, and maybe 2 basic cards orso you would have to buy with the red coins in the LP shop. With that, and with some tactics you should be able to obtain a good win ratio.

The first matches you will probably lose, just because you’re new to the game and have to figure out how to play your deck most effectively. But while playing you will learn, understand your own deck, and the ones of the other Unions, and you should see your winrate go up

I will post more about how to use the different creatures effectively later, now its time for me to get some sleep. I might make another post later on how i would make a top tier deck as well. But this one is just meant as a beginners/starters deck.

Feel free to give advice on how to improve this deck with just basic cards that anyone would have access to.

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