Carte Online TCG Features List

Carte Online TCG Features List by Ridori

– Five unions ( Aspire,Kaideron,Sierrion,Saike,Archan) and one pseudo-union (Grey) exist within the game; You get a starter deck of each of the 5 unions upon starting the game.

– You can duel other players (in common duels or even in crew wars[clan vs clan]), AI’s or participate in raids (Three players versus one boss AI). That way you are able to earn in game currency with which you may get booster packages,heroes and tarot cards.

– One option to buy cards are through booster packages, which contain 1 rare, 3 uncommons, 6 commons and 5 randoms, with LC or COINs.

– Another option is to buy singles ( 1 random) for the cost of one LC.

– Basics, heroes and tarot cards can be obtained directly in the shop for LP.

– A deck contains a total of 65 cards. 1 Hero. 4 Tarot. 60 regular cards (shards,spells,creatures,items,traps)

– The current default maximum amount of decks is set to 5.

– You can create your own decks with the only restriction of having not more than 4 cards of the same type. Furthermore you mix card of various unions for the loss of HP.

– You can not have a single card in multiple decks.

– Cards are split into seven different rarities. By name Basic,Common,Uncommon,Rare,Epic,Elite and Collectors Edition.

-Fieldorder from top left to bottom right.

Hero Equipment – Attackzone – Traps/Spells
Hero (upper half) – ********** – Manazone – Shardzone
Hero (low half) – Defensezone – Graveyard – Tarot

********** Placeholder for the arrangements sake.

– Symbols in the bottomcorners of the cards

[Episode][Attack Power]
[Spell Type][Hit Points]

– In terms of spellcards the hit points are replaced by a symbol indicating the speed. Fireball is a Sorcery Speed (normal spells) and a Sliced Symbol is Burst Speed (Can be casted as a chain in the opponents turn aswell.).

– First turn is determined by a simple Rock-Paper-Scrissors method

– At the beginning of a duel you start with seven cards in your hand, which you may discard (up to two times if you are on the draw or once if you are on the play) for the cost of one HP of your hero. However the maximum of cards you are allowed to hold is nine.

– One of your four Tarot cards is randomly chosen at the beginning of your duel for you to use during the match.

– You have an average time of up to 90/50 or 30 seconds to finish your turn and 50/30/ or 20 seconds for counter reactions during the opponents turn.

– The cards you use to summon creatures or use spells are called manacards (in worst case situations you may also place creatures or spells in your manapool) which work alike the ones from magic the gathering. Furthermore you can not only play them as a manacard, (up to one per turn) as an alternative you may play them as a shardcard, with the consequence that you can not use it as mana until your next turn but in return you gain the advantage of a special perk. (Depending on the shardcard.)

– Trap cards are played hidden until they are triggered.

– Manacosts of cards are shown in the upper right corner.

– You can choose whether to put your creatures into the attack or defense zone and you may not switch them. Monsters in the attack zone can, as the name obviously states, attack the opponents creatures or their hero, while creatures in the defense zone serve the sole purpose of defending your hero. In addition creatures are not permitted to attack in the round they got summoned.

– Unlike e.g. YuGiOh where you have a set order of your turn (draw,play cards,attack,play cards,end) you can choose the order of playing cards and/or attacking with your creatures.

– Similar to most TCG’s the mana costs of the card determines its level.

– Much alike the WoW tcg your hero card got two unique skills, of which you may use one once in a game for the costs of mana. Furthermore you can also equip your hero with certain artefacts (weapons/armor) which got special effects to use for the cost mana.

– You can chat while duelling.

– The first eight levels are EXP based. After that you get ranked globally.

– Daily tournaments take place every 2 hours and are won once you can defeat 3 opponents in a row.

– Clan/Guilds also exist and are called Crews.

– 3 type of ‘stats’ exist, by name Health Points, Attack Points and Shield Points.

– AP indicates the damage you do on the enemies HP.

– If the HP reaches 0 your creature/hero dies.

– SP are temporary HP for the duration of the turn.

– The only 2 ways to win is by either reducing the HP of the opponents HP to 0 or to reduce their deck to zero cards.

– During the first maintenance every month (usually on a tuesday), LP and LC will get converted into experience points.

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