Carte Online TCG Speed Blitz Deck (White Honor/Courage) Guide

Carte Online TCG Speed Blitz Deck (White Honor/Courage) Guide by Batsa

While i am aware there are many Saike Honor/Courage decks out there currently, i believe mine is very distinct, in that it plays very VERY aggressively.
The main idea of this deck is to overpower the opponent with creature advantage while they are too busy trying to develop card advantage I.E. putting shards into the shard zone.
Very rarely will you drop a shard into the shard zone, unless you can’t play anything that turn even if you did drop it into the mana zone (Which is very rare, Aggressively refresh your cards in order to avoid situations like this), or it is late game and you need to get more cards.
This is my current deck and, although not exactly how i would like it, works pretty well in most scenarios.

Hero: Naberias

Brave Citizen x2 (Great turn one drop, and if left unchecked can deal major damage to an enemy hero.)

Irene’s Servant x4 (Useful turn 1 1/1 creature with honor)

Apprentice Angel x4 (1/2 toughness creature with honor)

Little Sword of Yeva x4 (1/1 with courage, although very rarely will be set into creature zone. Instead throw into mana zone to give courage to either Irene’s Servant or the Apprentice Angel.)

Secluding Wings x2 (Great turn 2 drop that can later turn into a 3/3 if left unchecked.)

Lightning Summoner x4 (Has ability to return opponent creature with level 2 or less back to hand. Allows the protection of your smaller creatures from enemy’s two drop or one drop.)

Second Wings x1 (Honestly just there because i had a spot i needed filled. Can destroy high level creatures if it ever lives that long)

Survived Wings x3 (Great 2/3 with defender 1 and honor. Allows for some defense if needed, and can easily switch to offense if needed)

Wings of Discipline x1 (Would probably like to bump up to 2x. Gives warding to all your angels, allowing the disabling of pesky abilities like blast or contagion.)

Exalted Angel x2 (4/3 with honor. Good drop late game if it get there. Keeps pressure on opponent)

Leading Wings x1 (2/2 that creates two 1/1 Irene’s Servants. Pretty decent card, and can help with creature advantage, although usually not a game winner by herself.)

Halloween Cook x2 (1/2 drifter, and allows +1 mana on next turn if you start second. Helps speed up the attack if you don’t get the advantage of going first. Although when going first, i find that i prefer to throw this card into the mana zone instead.

Ressurection x4 (Brings back your creatures, great recovery after a dual casting or something like that)

Cure x2 (Combat tricks are always nice, and since most of your creatures can’t be defended is a very useful tool in keeping them alive.)

Conflict of Eron x4 (All around great card, allowing for the destruction of items, healing of your lvl 1-2 creatures, or giving your creatures courage to deal more damage.)

Last-Ditch Resistance x2 (This card is a game winner in itself most of the time, unless when it gets to late game. Turn 5, drop this and spawn usually 5-6 Irene’s Sevant)

Ascension x15
Brand of light x1
Gemstone of flight x2

Death (Useful if you got a bunch of weak creatures and they drop a bigger creature)
The Emperor (Very useful against heroes that have mass removal as their ability, or anything of that sort which can delay your assault.)
The High Priestess (Decent tarot, saved me a couple of times when they seal my creature’s abilities)
The Tower (As most of your cards out will be less than level 3, this is a great card for dealing with opponents creatures.)

This deck works best when going first. The synergy between Last-Ditch Resistance and Naberias is undeniable. After using Last-Ditch Resistance, using Naberias’s last ability allows for usually 12 direct damage to the enemy hero.
Example of an ideal game: (And the variation that i experience most)
(Going first)
Turn 1: Send a shard into the mana zone and drop down an Irene’s servant
Turn 2: They simply put a shard into their shard zone and pass
Turn 3: Throw a Little Sword of Yeva into the mana zone, powering the Irene’s Servant. Then play an Apprentice Angel. Swing for 2 with Irene’s Servant.
Turn 4: The enemy sees that they must start developing, and so drops a card into the mana zone and plays a 2 drop. They pass turn
Turn 5: Throw another card into the mana zone, preferably another Little Sword of Yeva (but unlikely). Put out lightning summoner to bounce back their creature. Swing for 4 (3 with the Irene’s servant with courage and 1 with the Apprentice Angel)
Turn 6: They throw another card into the shard zone and put out a turn 3 card, then pass turn.
Turn 7: Throw another card into the mana zone and put out a Survived Wing. then if possible use the Lightning summoner and Apprentice Angel to kill their 3 drop (most 3 drops have around 2 toughness so this should be possible). Swing for 4 with Irene’s servant
Turn 8. They bring out a 1 drop and a 3 drop, then pass turn.
Turn 9: Throw another card into the mana zone, then play Last-Ditch Resistance, netting you usually 4-6 Irene’s Servant. Swing and stuff.
Turn 10: They realize they are screwed, and forfeit.
Turn 11: Use Naberias’s last ability (if needed) and swing away.

Of course this battle is all theoretical, and there are many different variations i face when i play.
The strength of this deck is that it is very aggresive, suicidal almost. It brings many unfamiliar players out of their comfort zone , which is often developing normally and putting shards into the shard zone.
I Find it works well against almost every deck, with a few exceptions of top tier decks… and fog elemental.
It can handle mass removal pretty well, usually ressurecting many of the creatures back after a wipe, or just playing Last-Ditch Resistance to bring out a few Irene’s Servants to fight.

Overall, i find that this deck handles its ground pretty well. Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

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  1. I love your Deck. im having lot of fun with it. Are you still using it? Can it be improved?

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