Zorg Empire Recycling Guide

Zorg Empire Recycling Guide by Joshanddrew

There are actually two possible ways to send recycle missons…

FIRST(galaxy view)
1. the easiest way is to just send from the galaxy view by putting your cursor over the Debris Field and hitting the Recycle button….but this way has some problems that can occur(see below picture to see)

2.The problems with this one are simple you have to wait till after the attack to send this one meaning someone can beat you to the DF…

SECOND(Fleet Menu)****BEST OPTION****
1.The second and best option is to send from your fleet menu as this will enable you to time the DF pickup just minutes even seconds after the hit occurs…the way you do this is firstly to go to your fleet menu…To do this click the Fleet button on your side page…

2.Then you will need to choose the number of Recs to send on the mission…make sure you send enough to pick up the whole DF…

3.Next you will need to enter the coordinates of the intended Debris Field(Galaxy,System,Planet)…and be sure to change it from planet to Debris Field…click next…

4.Next just check the Recycle option for the mission and hit send…

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