Zorg Empire Combat Simulator Guide

Zorg Empire Combat Simulator Guide by Zorg

The combat simulator is a tool that helps you get an idea of a forthcoming battle. The results help the user prepare in the best way possible. It is a simulator and not a calculator. This means that it will produce different results for same input; just like real game combat.

How simulation is done:
The simulation is done exactly in the same way as it would be done in a real game combat. There main varying elements from simulation to simulation are the same as in combat and these are:
-RF Selection
-Shield Values (For each round)
-Weapon Values (For each round)

How to get safe results from the Simulator

Since simulator provides you with one possible result each time, it would be good to get the same clash simulated multiple times. You can do this by simply hitting F5 or clicking on simulate button again.

The above method is the safest, especially if you are clueless of how combat works. However, as participants and ship numbers grow, it gets harder to get accuracy in the result, this is why you will eventually need to learn how combat works.

Once you have learned this, you will be able to monitor how a battle progress and identify possibly weak spots or actions that end up decisive. RF can play the biggest factor so consider checking how rapid fire works

The above 2 steps will help you getting accuracy in your simulations, by tweaking the needed points or simply by saving time as you will need less simulations to understand what exactly is going on.

As you grow experienced, you could consider creating your own metrics on how strong is a ship towards another or discovering various tie break points between 2 ships (the ratio where the result is always/most of the time a tie)

Eventually, the good use of the simulator relies on the player and it should not be regarded as a mathematical tool; it is not one.

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