Zorg Empire Alliance Combat System Attack Guide

Zorg Empire Alliance Combat System Attack Guide by Zorg

ACS Attack stands for Alliance Combat System. With ACS attack, it is possible that many players unite against a target.

ACS Details:

  • ACS depot level of the CREATOR (level at time of initial fleet launch will matter every time – if the creator upgrades momentarily afterwards it won’t count) will define the maximum number of attackers. The maximum number allowed will be the same with the level of the depot (ie: Lvl 9 depot will allow up to 9 attackers) No other limits apply.
  • An ACS depot of at least level 2 will be required by anyone to join.
  • Any player will be able to set up an ACS attack. You need to be in an alliance in order to create an attack. (Although there are cases to bypass this; such as being booted from an alliance, you can still use the feature although if you are not in one. There are more. Such cases are neither considered a bug nor an exploit.)
  • All alliance members are invited by default. Players not in the alliance will need to be separately invited. Invitation will be able to take place anytime after the initial setup. Only the creator will be able to invite players.
  • The limit of attackers will not limit the number of invitations. Unlimited invitations may be sent but once the limit is met, no other attackers will be able to join.
  • Different WSA for each attacker.
  • Only creator will be able to set fleet speed. The rest will get their ship speed automatically adjusted to match the attack time.
  • Recalls are personal, they do not affect the ACS attack as a whole. However, if the creator recalls, no one else will be able to join. The rest will continue normally.
  • Each ACS attack uses 1 fleet slots.
  • Resources earned will be equally shared among the remaining attackers. If an attacker does not have enough space for resources, these resources will remain to the defender and will not be added to another attacker.
  • Messages will be automatically sent for important actions such as:
    -Circular message when a new ACS attack is created
    -Message when an invitation is received

Usage Details

  • Creator and his allies can access the currently alliance ACS attacks through their alliance screen.
  • Invited players can initially join only through the invitation link in the message inbox.
  • All participants (creator and players that already sent a fleet) can navigate to Fleet page, locate the specific ACS attack mission they want and click on ACS Details.
  • Any participant, creator, his allies and invited players, can view the current attacking fleets.Combat Details:
  • Attacking fleets shoot one after another, starting from the left.
  • Each attacker is sorted by join time (fleet start time). At the left is the one who created the attack, at the right is the one who joins last.
  • All the rest like in normal battles

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