Zone4 Sambo Ultimate Guide

Zone4 Sambo Ultimate Guide by breakpino07

Hey people. We all know sambo is a real good martial art in real life and in game. The dive alone can take 8/10 of someones health. Sambo is my main class and I just love it.

Pros: Long ground grabs
Ground grabs throw opponent away
High damaging attacks
High chance for stun
Good distance E

Cons: Slow E
Back DDD has small stun rate

Now how to use sambo.

Grabs: Whenever I do a grab I lure the person into my grab by spamming them with DDD or the back< grabs do more damage then the > grabs, so get the < grabs to +7 or +8 before your > grabs.

The dive…. I love this thing. It gets people pissed off and you don’t even have to use it. Whenever I see a opening I go for a dive. When the person knows how to move out the way (A then run away) don’t do the dive or else the enemy will have an advantage by going behind you and grabbing or doing a combo. And another thing. The dive is the best way for a sambo to get rid of another players Q so you can e them or w them or ground grab them. Just set your self up for a dive but don’t do it.

Hit Attacks: From what I see most sambist don’t use the back DDD or up D. Back DDD is just a waste. It barely stuns and there is only 1 combo you can do with it which is a pretty wack combo (I’ll tell all sambo combos I know at the end). From what I see sambist use down D and >DDD the most, which is a pretty good way to set up for a ground grab. When your opponent has low health finish them off with down D or up D. Thats it for hit attacks.

Combos: These are all the combos that I know for sambo


Back DDDD vD vD vD

Back >DDD (Walk forward a bit) vD (Either do a juggle or ground grab)

(For the next one make sure your facing your opponents front)
vD DDD vD vD or vD vD vD vD vD
(Your front is facing opponents back)

vD DDD (As fast as possible) vD vD vD vD vD vD vD


Those are all the combos I know. I will update this guild if I see anything worth putting in. Feedback is much appreciated.
IGN: IMGhandiBLuh

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