Zone4 Taekwondo Guide

Zone4 Taekwondo Guide by RexRyuKenJin


So you have chosen to go with the stylish Taekwondo style otherwise known as TKD as your instrument of destruction for laying waste to your fellow fighter’s of Zone4 eh? Good choice! Whether it be because you have actually trained in the TKD style in real life or you just enjoy playing a character with flashy high flying kicks I’m sure there has been a point in time were you wondered “What beats what that guy is doing?”, ” Could I be doing more DMG then with this juggle I know now?” “WHY DOES RUSH KEEP GRABBING THROUGH MY ATTACKS!  “. It is for questions like these and also the fellow gamers that take the time to try to better themselves by learning from others that I have decided to make this TKD guide. ( oh and that event item seems nice as well :D) So  lets get started….


1. Stylish combo’s and grabs.
2. Good range on D attacks.
3. Longest distance travel with juggles.
4. Quick launcher available at level 21
5. Neutral D combo can be canceled into a juggle
6. Attack animation’s can be used to confuse your opponent
7. TKD’s grabs distance you from your starting location, allowing you to keep your distance and avoid a possible double team. .

1. Neutral D comes out the slowest compared to all other current street styles.
2. The length of high level juggle leave you open for an enemy assist.
3. Your long range move can possible leave you open for an E attack.
4. TKD may be tricky to players inexperienced in fighting games. Due to pause juggles and a unforgiving to spam, neutral D combo.

Tips and tricks

General TKD PVP tips

1. Use your ranged knockdown for crowed control:  As a TKD you have the best wide range knock back moves such as your lvl13 Lightning kick [up D], and the ending roundhouse to Shutdown [BACK

2. Use Juggles as much & as cautiously as you can : If you can safely pull of your juggle on a fighter, do it. This is were most of your dmg to a single opponent will come from sometimes even fatally. Never attempt to complete a whole juggle if you see there teammate coming to aid. For info on how to juggle, see the juggle section.

3. Use Team attack’s to finish off an opponent: This tip can be applied for every style. Like it has been pointed out before in these forums, to set up a team attack press either [neutral S] or [up S] to start the grapple. To keep them held in place, you can knee them 2 times with D. Use this carefully because it can be countered. A team attack does in fact give you and your fellow teammate who initiates the team attack a kill giving your team a 2 point score for one KO. It also give the unfortunate opponent 2 deaths. A WIN WIN. 2 good set ups for a grapple are as follows.
With no skills set to your counter ( which means take off that street donkey kick) you will push back the opponent away from you giving you time to grapple for a team attack.
If there about to get up and you don’t to risk being attacked due to a grapple attempt by the opponent, attack into a grab by pressing [D] ones  then press [S] to grapple.

Tactics for fighting people who bait

To bait in zone 4 is simply to trick an opponent to do something unsafe that gets them punished by an attack.
This can be either someone running away until the attacker lunges in with an attack that has an slow recovery, or good players that actually trick you by doing part of their attack in order to lure you in. Knowing how to read these tactics comes with experience but here some tips to help you out.

Tip1. If you can’t beat them, bait them back
Why not use their own tactic against them? With TKD your best bet would be to use triple spin kick [ BACK Neutral D D D] due to its animation. The spinning kicks, when paused, can be confusing to read making opponents lung in to punish you when the attack isn’t even over yet. To do it simply press [ BACK Neutral D, D] Pause then either finish it with [BACK Neutral D D D] or counter there attack. Warning: rush usually goes in for a grab.

Tip2. Dash attack them

A good and safe way to break there bait tactic is to dash attack them. Running [D] even if countered is safe seeing as they will only dodge roll you. When you finally get the knockdown, pressure them by reading there roll so you can attack or grab them when they get up.

Tip3. Simply rush them down
As a TKD you have one of the best ranged moves in the game. Your lighting kick
[up D]. Use this to quickly attack them and knock them down from a distance. Be carefully when using this move, its not advised that you just throw this out there for it can be punished after all that’s what there wanting you to do. This is a good move to catch people that attempt to walk away from you allot if your [up D] striking distance.

Tip4. Forget them
Simply move on to another target. In a 4v4 you cant simply waste your time on one opponent. If your at a stalemate simply move on to someone else. After your old opponent see’s that your helping your teammate beat up one of his pals, he’ll be sure to start walking your way to stop you. This is when you strike ;D


The part most of you have been waiting for.

Setting up a juggle

As a TKD you have some of the best ways to launch into a juggle out of all the other styles. Now lets go over them real quick.

Launcher 1. Street Basic launcher: [ D, D, D]
A street’s bread and butter launcher. It’s main con is that is takes awhile for the actual launcher to kick in allowing your opponent ample time to Q out of it. The launch however lets you get your best juggles off.

Launcher 2. TKD Sky Dance cancel: [ Neutral D D PAUSE]
A nice quick launcher. The push back on this one  limits the possible juggles you can get off it but good damage can still be gotten off of this set up.

Launcher 3. Triple Spin Kick: [BACK Neutral D D D]
Pretty much the same as Street basic launcher, but a little bit more dmg. The same juggles are possible with this launcher.

Launcher 4. Moonlight Crushing Kick: [ -> D D PAUSE]
The best, and highest priority juggle for tkd. It gives good distance allowing you to catch a rusher off guard, just be careful because you can get air grabbed from a drifter while attempting it. Replaces Streets

Juggle Combo’s

Now keep in mind that for now these juggles do not include any of the epic juggles you can achieve when you get to level 21. I will update this list when I get to that level ( I’m at 16 right now).

All DMG calculation accumulated with no gear on.

Triple Spin into Triple Sky Kick Juggle
11hit 3655DMG
[ Back Neutral D D D] [ D D PAUSE] [D D PAUSE] [ D D D D]

Riding the lightning covered sky Juggle
8hit 2520DMG
[Neutral D D D PAUSE] [Neutral D D PAUSE] [ Neutral D D PAUSE] [ UP D]

Street Punt Juggle {TRICKY}
13HIT 3795DMG
[-> D D D] [ Neutral D D] [Neutral D D] [Neutral D D] take one step forward [ Neutral D D D] take one step forward [up D]

Moonlight juggles
( unable to show proper dmg due to Stats and skill buffs)

2 Sides of the moon


Triple, 3’s into double down

[Back D D D] [D D D PAUSE] [

RexRyuKenJins MoonLightning

Tips on Juggles

Tip 1. Know when to juggle:
Juggling is a good way to do dmg…. it’s also a good way to get E’ed. If your in a 4v4 use juggle conservatively. Its a good rule of thumb to end your juggles as quick as possible if you think someone mite come to help, or to just drop the juggle all together.  However if you catch a strangler that is far from his teammates, feel free to juggle him all day long.

Tip 2. Use wall smashes for max DMG
A wall smash is a good way to end any of your juggles or regular combo’s for that matter. Also seeing as you will be knocking your opponents a good distance with your juggles making the chance that they will hit a wall higher than any other style using wall smash to your advantage a must.  To wall smash an opponent simply press Q or W when they hit a wall for massive damage. This makes some of your more damaging juggles into possible full bar  KO’s.

Closing statements

I hope this guide was able to help some of my fellow TKD’ers out there. I will continue to work on this guide later on, feel free to give me comments and suggestions about anything I have missed or combo’s that you want added to the list. See you ingame!

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