Zone4 Making Zen Faster Guide

Zone4 Making Zen Faster Guide by Chuy010100

1. Play when their having the 2x Zen & 2x Exp event

2. Use the Zen Booster you get for free from the Calendar/Event reward

3. S-Rank your Arcade runs including the Secret Mode/The Clown

4. If you go to Subway that would be a big +

5. Add as many best friends you can limit is 4 make sure their online when your online you don’t have to play with them just have to be online at the same time:
1 Best Friend = Zen/Exp +3%
2 Best Friend = Zen/Exp  +7%
3 Best Friends = Zen/Exp +12%
4 Best Friends= Zen/Exp +20%
Combine these and you should make a decent amount of zen in arcade runs

6. You can always invest in drills/axes and hope for the best

7.Warfare is also good just make sure you attack the tower

8.Zombie is good if you have at least 1 or 2 op players to help you in a 4 man/women team because Stats Do Count

9. Collect all misc items there a lot of things you can do with them
don’t know what misc items are these are it

A.  Sell Them To The NPC (These are their prices )
-Baseball Bat = 160 zen
-Al Chip = 260 zen
-Wallet = 80 zen
-Tin Can = 180 zen
-Bandages = 20 zen
-Lipstick = 60 zen
-Gunpowder = 100 zen
-Chemical Flask = 240 zen
-Clip(ammo clip) = 220 zen
-Hairspray = 120 zen
-Pocket Knife = 10 zen
-Key = 40 zen
-Lighter = 200 zen
-Skull Accessory = 140 zen

B. You can trade them to Exchange “Price Porter” For Lucky Chest Key[Key]    You can sell these keys

C. You can buy the Zen Lucky Chest at Astro Shop for Zen. 

Use the Lucky Chest Key[Key] to open it, you must go to My Room to open it
and you will get one of these at random

Now you can take the risk and open it or you can sell the box for zen

10. Yuki the NPC she can be your friend or your enemy >.>
Purchase from her ORB Box [Random] their 3,000 zen
If you are extremely lucky enough you can get a +20 Star Orb :O but the best i have seen is a +11 orb

So you tried your luck out and got crappy orbs well let me tell you what you can do, exchange them for Slot Machine Chips which look like this at The ORB Slot Machine

The ORB Slot Machines are located here

Go near it and press the Space Bar once in there this will happen, how the exchange works is depending the + on the orb is how many Slot Machine Chips you will get :
+1 orb = 1 Slot Machine Chip
+2 orb = 2 Slot Machine Chip
+3 orb = 3 Slot Machine Chip
and so on

1 Slot Machine Chip = 33 Zen when sold to any NPC

What you can do is sell the coins to other players for:
400 zen – 600 zen each

Or if you want to test your luck you can use those Slot Machine Chips on the ORB Slot Machine the prizes are


  1. Fantastic Fighter – Special attack increased by 30% ( your Q, W, & E damage)
  2. Team Play Master – 100 SP is increased if you KO an opponent in PVP
  3. Combo Master – Combos generate 10 SP
  4. Super Man Power – Extra 80 SP is gained  if grabbing is achieved ( Spam that S button )
  5. Bullet Dodge – Extra 80 SP is gained if a evasive mode is made ( Spam that A button )
  6. Technical Fighter – Double attack dealing leads with a 130% bonus in Critical Damage
  7.  Street Fighter – 120%  bonus to Team Attacks
  8. Damage Dealer – Bonus 40 attack damage ( Regardless of Defense)
  9. By-X Surpriser – (-1%) Defense Ability. (+6) Attack ability ( Sacrificing your defense for more attack damage is it worth it @~@ )
  10. Victory Bringer – 4% of Defense Ability and 3% of Attack Ability is increased

Misc Items

  1. Drill
  2. Cloth Of The Ninja
  3. Lucky Egg ( aka Green Lucky Egg)

Remember  “one must waste money to make money”


Screw that and just buy astros and sell them for Zen

If im wrong correct me and if im missing something add to it

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