The Godfather Five Families No Losses for Gang and Cityscape Attacks Guide

The Godfather Five Families No Losses for Gang and Cityscape Attacks Guide by Promos

(How many troops to send to not have troop losses)

Follow with Caution

Note:  This chart is a guide only, not a guarantee of losses.  By researching higher levels of Muscle and Medicine you can limit losses.  I will be updating this chart as I find more levels and different attacking troop levels.  If you find a troop count that successfully attacks a gang with no loss message me so I can add it.  This chart is for SINGLE troop type attacks.  A Level 1 Gang can be attacked with 20 Arsonists, or 100 Bruisers, or 40 Hitmen, or 10 Tommygunners, or 1 Professional  and you would not loose any units.  The following was tested with Level 9 Muscle.  NOTE:  The Battle mechanics uses a randomizer so even though you send an amount of troops that is shown to always win, at times you WILL loose a SMALL amount of troops anyways.

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 8
40 Arsonists 150 Arso. (-1 loss)
100 Bruisers125 Bruisers
40 Hitmen100 Hitmen200 Hitmen542 Hitmen
10 Tommygunner30 Tommygunners100 Tommygunner150 Tommygunner225 Tommygunner
1 Professional2 Professionals4 Professionals12 Professionals39 Professionals1100 lost 71200 (lost 8)

If you want to help with this list, email me your successful attacks numbers and you Muscle Level and will add it to the list.  I am looking for Single troop type attack numbers.  Email me your info at

Resources From Cityscapes and Gangs

By attacking Cityscapes and Gangs you can get Cash,food,steel, and Cement.  Below is a list of what can be stolen from each.  Cityscapes and gangs currently give the same amount of goods. Don’t forget about the Armory Items that can be won from each level giving sometimes a large boost to the loot (SEE Armory info.).

City/Gang LevelCashFoodSteelCement

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4 Responses

  1. Bo$$man says:

    for lvl 10 you send 1k thugs
    you lose em all

  2. blackrabbit2999 your guides and tips are so useful and helped me so much when i was just a beginner

  3. For a level 7, you can sen 100 butchers or assassins ans have no loss with 11 11. For level 6 75 assassins do it no loss. Add some delivery trucks to add some resourxes.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I always send 60 Enforcers with 1 Delivery Truck to Lvl 4 Gangs and never get a loss. Muscle is lvl 14. I don't know what my muscle lvl was when I first stated using this formula.

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