The Godfather Five Families Gameplay Guide

The Godfather Five Families Gameplay Guide by Promos

Troop Counts in Cityscapes and Gangs

Note: Cityscapes and Gangs have the same amount of Troops

Thug Arsonist Bruiser Demolitionist Hitman Tommygunner Enforcer Professional
Level 15
Level 210
Level 320105
Level 440201055
Level 58040201010555
Level 616080402020101010
Level 7300160804040202020
Level 86003001608080604060
Level 9120060030016016012080120
Level 1024001200600300300250160250

Troop Cost Per Hour


Every troop type has an Attack Level, Arsonists having the lowest and Professionals having the highest level.  In theory, the attack level determins the outcome of a battle with the attack level determining how much damage an attacker will do to a defending unit.  While units such as Arsonist have a low attack level, they do have a bonus to damage a variety of troops.  If you look through the troops, you will see some troops have an attack bonus and a defensive bonus.  I have created a chart below to show the SIMPLE cost of upkeep per hour in terms of attack strength.

Unit TypeAttack StrengthUpkeep cost per Attack StrengthDefensive StrengthUpkeep cost per Defensive Strength

So what does this data mean?  In thoery not counting all the variables, Enforcers give you the most bang for your buck of upkeep cost.  Remember, all troops require an upkeep in cash per hour.  So Enforcers cost .16 per  attack strength of upkeep.  You have to look though at the variables to make a full decision on what troops you are going to upkeep the most.  In the same manner, Professionals provide the most bang for the buck in defense, costing only .09 per defensive strength.  As you probably notice, it is cheaper for defense.

So what about Defensive Level.  Each troop type also has a Defensive Level.  The Defensive level is higher than the same units attack strength.  A Thugs Defensive strength is 500.  If someone attacked that thug, they would have to send 3 Thugs to kill that one since the attack strength of a Thug is only 200.  But if someone had a level 10 research in Muscle, they would have a 50% boost to each Thugs attack level, 200 + 50%=300 attack, so they would only then need to send 2 Thugs to kill my 1 Thug.  The same principle applies to defense.  Medicine research gives you a 5% per level boost.  So if I had a level 10 research in Medicine, my 1 Thug would now have a higher defense.  500 + 50%=750 defense per Thug.  You have to also think about the bonuses that certain troop types have against other troops.  If you look at the troop loss chart, 1 Professional can take out 5 Thugs with no damage.  The 1 Professional has an attack of 2100, while the Thugs combined have a defense (Health) of 500.  Since the attacker goes first, the Professional attacks the thugs killing 4 right away.  The remaining 1 Thug attacks the Professional, but since it only has an attack rating of 200, it does minimal damage.  Now the Professional finishes the job with an attack of 2100 killing the last remaining Thug.  This is the VERY BASIC function of the war system.


Respect will be gained from constructing/upgrading Neighborhood Buildings
Respect will be gained from leveling Research
Respect will be gained from the number and type of units killed during PvP battles
Respect will be gained from stationing units at a Cityscape you control

Building TypeRespect Gained
Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8
Cement Factory510152025303540
Guest House50
Front Gate50100150200250300350400
Guard Post50100150200250300350400

Research gives “The Level of Research times 2”  So Level 5 gives 10, level 6 gives 12, etc.

Respect is gained by reinforcing your Cityscapes with Troops.  When you loose the Cityscape or troops you will loose respect.  The Higher Level you reinforce, the more respect gained. While you can gain a high amount of respect by defending your Cityscapes, this respect is “Temporary”, it is lost when someone attacks and kills your troops.  Respect is also gained when you kill troops in Player Vs. Player battles, EVEN IF YOU LOOSE.  You will gain respect for every unit killed.  This respect is permanent, you will not loose it.

Unit ReinforcedRespect Gained Per Level
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Arsonists0.2 Per Unit0.35 Per Unit0.6 Per Unit
Bruisers0.3 Per Unit0.6 Per Unit0.9 Per Unit1.2 Per Unit1.5 Per Unit1.8 Per Unit2.1 Per Unit
Demolitionists0.4 Per Unit0.8 Per Unit1.2 Per Unit1.6 Per Unit2.0 Per Unit2.4 Per Unit2.8 Per Unit
Hitmen1 Per Unit2 Per Unit3 Per Unit4 Per Unit5 Per Unit6 Per Unit7 Per Unit
TommyGunners3 Per Unit6 Per Unit9 Per Unit12 Per Unit15 Per Unit18 Per Unit21 Per Unit
Professionals4 Per Unit8 Per Unit12 Per Unit16 Per Unit20 Per Unit24 Per Unit28 Per Unit

Training Respect

Unit TypeAmount per Unit

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