The Godfather Five Families Game Basics Guide

The Godfather Five Families Game Basics Guide by Promos


By upgrading your Estate you gain Respect.  The more Respect you have, the more Respect the crew has.  The higher the crew Respect, the higher the rank, the higher the rank, the higher the resource boost.

Mansion:  By upgrading your Mansion you gain more resource plots and can take over more Cityscapes.  By clicking on your mansion you can set your defenses to Hide or Defend.  If you hide your troops and someone attacks your City, you will not loose troops but may loose resources that your Warehouse does not protect.  The preferred setup is to hide your troops and keep resources below the Warehouse protection level.

Library: By upgrading your Library you can research higher levels.  Each item of research gives you a boost of some sort and is very important

Warehouse:  The warehouse protects your resources in case your city gets attacked.  By upgrading your Warehouse you can protect more resources.

Garage:  By upgrading your garage you can do higher levels of research.  The garage also decreases the training time for Tommygunners and Professionals.

Workshop: by upgrading your workshop you can do higher levels of research on certain items.  The Workshop also decreases time for training Thugs, Arsonist, and Bruisers.

Armory:  By upgrading your Armory you can gain and utilize higher level Armory items.  If you attack a Level 1 Gang, you may get a level 1 Bronze, Silver, or Gold armory item.  If you click on your Armory in your Estate, you can select gained armory items to equip as bonuses.  These bonuses are for your troops, such as attack bonus and health bonus.  The amount of the bonus depends on the level of the item gained.  Not only do the items have levels based on the level of Gang attacked, but they also come as Bonze, Silver, and Gold items. If you gain and equip all the items on the same level in bronze, you will gain a resource bonus as well.  The items can also be sold which can be very useful.  A level 2 Gold item can be sold for 30k in cash!

Level 1 Gold Armory Item Value15K Cash
Level 2 Gold Armory Item Value30K Cash
Level 3 Gold Armory Item Value45K Cash
Level 4 Gold Armory Item Value60K Cash
Level 5 Gold Armory Item Value75K Cash

Guest House:  The guest house allows you to house other crew members troops for reinforcement if you are attacked.  By upgrading your Guesthouse, you can house more crew members.

Wall:  The wall provides protection for your city in case you are attacked.  By upgrading the wall you can train more wall defensive units such as Barbed Wire, Booby Traps, Guard Dog, and Armed Guards.  An important note is Barbed Wire and Booby Traps may have to be rebuilt after an attack because they are “one time” use items.  In order to utilize booby traps, guard dogs, and armed guards you will have to upgrade your Guard Post and Wall.  The wall units are good because they do NOT require an upkeep cost, just a large upfront cost in building.

Front Gate:  By upgrading your front gate you will receive more information about incoming attacks.  It is important to remember that the attack reports will show the same for Cityscapes and your city.


Hideout:  The Hideout allows you to train troops.  By upgrading your hideout you can train different type of troops and decrease the time is takes to train troops.  Hideouts also are the best means of income.  The more Hideouts your build, the faster you can train and the more money you will get.  Each Hideout built decreases troops training time by 2-4%.  The decreases are based upon the CURRENT training time.  To train Thugs it will take 150secs per Thug starting out, add a Hideout and the time decreases to 143 seconds.  Add another and the time decreases to 136 seconds, another and 130 seconds.  Upgrade a hideout and it decreases to 125 seconds.

Apartment:  The Apartment provides money and influence.  Influence is required to train troops.  The more troops you want to train at a time, the more influence you will need, so having at least 4 apartments is best.

Main Street Station:  You can collect $750 cash every 5 minutes while in game play

Fleming Theatre:  At Level 5 you can start collecting $2,375 every 15 minutes while in game play

Tony’s Auto Body:  At Level 11 you can start collecting $13,525 every 6hours

The Fat Cat Club:  At Level 23 you can start collecting $27,200 every 18 hours

By upgrading and building in the neighborhood you can resources and experience points.  The higher your experience points, the higher your level.  Each level you gain will gain one time bonuses to resources.
– Guard Dogs and Barbed Wires target:
+ Thug
+ Courier
+ Arsonist
+ Bruiser
+ Demolitionist
+ Hitman

– Armed Guards and Booby Traps target:
+ Truck
+ Tommy Gunner
+ Enforcer
+ Professional

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